"To Mew or not TwoMew"
4 - Mewtwo [movie promo]
4 - Mysterious Fossil
3 - Aerodactyl
3 - Scyther
3 - Gastly
2 - Chancey

4 - Professor Oak
4 - Computer Search
2 - Item Finder
2 - Gust of Wind
4 - Super Energy Removal
1 - Scoop Up

4 - Double Colorless Energy
20 - Psychic Energy
Mewtwo for Energy Absorption or Psyburn for 40. [not bad for 3 energy]. Aerodactyl for Prehistoric Power. Search him out and keep him on the bench. [good against Evolution Decks]. Scyther 'cuz he's the best. No retreat cost and resistance to fighting. Gastly for Mr.. Mine. Chancey to stall [if I have to] or late game attacking. Computer Search for Mysterious Fossil/Aerodactyl or Professor Oak. Oak to keep things moving. SER to upset your opponent. ['cuz that's how I feel when I'm SERed]. Gust of Wind for bad match-ups or timely KOs. Scoop Up for damage removal/KO denial. Energy seems right, so far.



A pretty standard Aero deck. Trainers need a little work, some minor changes in the Pok閙on. Maybe a tad more Psychic Energy. That looks like about it.


The first thing to take out is the Gastly. If you happen to be fighting a Mr. Mime deck it can work, but it isn't that great in many other situations. Past that, the Pok閙on look ok, but I'd add one more Scyther.


Four Professor Oak is kind of heavy, since you don't want to deck out when fighting Stall decks. Take it down to two Prof. Oak and add four Bill. Four Computer Search is pretty heavy too, let's take it down to two. They're helpful, but not crucial. I find I normally pull out a Prof. Oak anyway. Let's take out the Itemfinder too, and add three Energy Removal. Drop one Super Energy Removal and add a fourth Energy Removal. Add one more Scoop up.


It looks okay the way it is, since most of your costs are cheap and Mewtwo can recycle some.
Pok閙on (17)
4 Mewtwo
4 Fossil
3 Aerodactyl
4 Scyther
2 Chancey

Trainers (19)
2 Professor Oak
4 Bill
2 Computer Search
2 Gust of Wind
4 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
2 Scoop Up

Energy (24)
4 Double Colorless Energy
20 Psychic
I mostly tweaked the Trainers, there wasn't too much wrong with the Pok閙on. You might consider switching the Chansey for Mew, to follow the theme, or Kangaskhan, which can attack, stall, and help you draw. That's a personal desicion. Good luck!

~ Souper ~