SATOSHI: Guess what? Pokemon Stadium, the long awatied pokemon game for the
N64, comes out TODAY!!!! Yeppiee!
before i list my deck i would like to say that I DO
NOT CONSIDER MY DECK A HAYMAKER i thought of the idea
before i even knew about the different types of
archtypes and selected the pokemon myself.

and i know my deck has more than 60 cards this is why
im submitting i need help on which ones to eliminate.

pokemon (13)
3x hitmonchan
3x scyther
3x electabuzz
2x aerodactyl
2x chansey

trainers (26)
3x bill (duh)
2x professoer oak (double duh)
3x computer search
3x switch
3x mysterious fossil
4x gust of wind
4x plus power
4x scoop up

energy (26)
12 fighting
10 electric
4 double colorless

get out aerodactyle so you only have to fight weak
SATOSHI: Okay, before I do anything, I need to say this; even if you do not
consider it one, and even if you did pick out the cards before haymaker came
to being, by today's standards THIS IS A HAYMAKER!!! Just needed to say
that. Anyway, the fix. Since this deck needs very little help, I'll spare
spilitting the fixed areas into three categories like I usually do. Okay,
like he said, this deck is over 60 cards. Five cards over, to be exact. To
fix this, I'll remove two fighting energy and the switch. That fixes this
deck nicely. Good Job, pal. =D
Although I fixed this deck, I need to say something. Do NOT send me decks
that you know are over. I will not fix the deck if you say "I have more than
60 cards." If you do, trim it down to 60 and THEN sned it to me, and I'll
fix it. Okay, I think that makes it pretty clear.
On the lighter side of things, the June 2000 issue of Pojo's Pokemon
Magazine will be our Ultimate Strategy Issue. I encourage all of you to take
a look at it, as all us mechanics are workin' real hard to take it up to
it's full potential.

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for now! Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!!