SATOSHI: Okey Dokey, here's a deck from an e-mail buddy. It's an answer to
twisted challenge two, but I sorta didn't see it in the deck heap that is a
e-mail box. Here it is, Psychic Punch!!

4  clefairy
3  clefable
4  chansey
4  abra
3  kadabra
3  alakazam
4  hitmochan
16 psychic energy
16 fighting energy

Oh yeah! no trainers! I think i should add somehow more alakazam for using
some damage swap,or maybe I  should use slowbro insead of alakazam(less
evolving worries,less energy hogging)so i can have room for fighting energy
and put it to use!Again, tell me what you think. You rock,Satoshi!!
Salom :)
SATOSHI: Well, I think that this deck looks great!! BTW, you really don't
need to add any more fighting energy; 16 is fine. Good Work, Salom!!!! =D
BTW(again) you don't really need to replce kazam w/ slowbro. I think he's
fine the way he is.
Now, to leave you all with a few words of advice: "Agumon, warp-digivolve
to...WARGREYMON!!!" Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!