SATOSHI: Dum de dum dum...oh! Hi there! Let's see what we've got to work on
Here's my deck. It's made of fighting and colorless pokemon. It has won me a
lot of matches.

2 Bill
4 Gust of Wind
1 Prof.Oak
2 PokeBall
1 Energy Search

Pokemon (22)
2 Sandshrew
1 Sandslash
1 Snorlax
1 Tauros
2 Farfetch'd
1 Hitmonchan
4 Machop
2 Machoke
2 Rhyhorn
1 Rhydon
2 Diglett
1 Dugtrio
1 Doduo
1 Dodrio

27 Fighting Energy
1 Double Colorless

The strategy of my deck is a sort of "Haymaker" deck.
SATOSHI: Okay, work needs to be done. Here we go!
Okay, we have way too many pokemon families here. And many of them will not
hold their own in a long match. To fix this, we'll need to do a fair amount
of adding/subtracting. Get yer calculators ready, cause here we go!
Okay, we'll start with the fighting side of this deck. Let's take out the
sandshrew/slash family and make the diglett/trio family 4/2. Now, take out
rhydon to add a third dugtrio. Now that we're done with the diglett/dugtrio
family, let's move on to the hitmoncahn ratio. Hitmonchan can take hits and
at the same time, can distribute a fair amount of damage. We're gonna want
four chan in this deck, so let's remove the machoke and one machop in favor
of three more chan. Since we have hitmonchan here, we won't need machop, so
the remaining three of him are gone. Also take out the remaining two
rhyhorn, as he is slow to charge and is a sitting duck for scyther. Now,
let's move on to the colorless side of the deck.
Okay, we've got a fair amount of singles here, so let's fix that. Take out
the lone doduo, add in another farfetch'd. He is a great poke, dispite what
scyther lovers may say. You know, I think I'll put in three jigglypuff with
our five spaces from before. Okay, now take out snorlax and tauros, and add
in two jigglypuff. Remember our five spaces from before? We're gonna use
them to add in two more jigglypuff and three wigglytuff. This guy is pretty
solid, and a great fighter. His do the wave attack is great. Hehehe. Okay,
onto the trainers.
Now, the trainers need some work as well. For starters, take out those pesky
pokeballs, and add in two more bill. Now, take out the lone energy search
for a second professor oak, and your trainers are great. Onto energy ratios.
Okay, 27 fighting energy is a little much, so take three energy out. Now,
add in three more double colorless energy, and your all set.
*pant, pant* 'K, let's take a look at rhe finished product;
Fighting Frenzy (Revised)
24 fighting energy

4 diglett
3 dugtrio
4 hitmonchan

3 farfetch'd
4 jigglypuff
3 wigglytuff

4 bill
2 professo oak
4 gust of wind

SATOSHI: TA DA!!! We did it! Well, there it is. The revised version of
Fighting Frenzy. Just goes to show ya that there's hope for every deck.
That's all for now. Good Luck and Happy Gaming, Everyone!