SATOSHI: Well, because of some glitches on the e-mail at, I've let
the Twisted Challenge Two be open for longer than it should have been. Here
are the last two acceptees for Twisted Challenge Two.
Here is the deck that I have constructed without I repeat WITHOUT any

3 Abra
2 Kadabra
1 Meowth
1 Persian
1 Eevee
1 Rattata
1 Raticate
2 Zubat
3 Jigglypuf
2 Bellsprout
1 Weepinbell
1 Tauros
1 Lickitung
2 Exeggcute
1 Exeggutor
2 Grimer
1 Muk
1 Jynx
1 Mewtwo
2 Paras
1 Parasect
2 Drowzee
1 Hypno

(34 pokemon)

17 Grass Energies
9 Physic Energies

It was HARD but I did It HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SATOSHI: Whoa. That is a LOAD of pokemon!!! Next!
4 scyther
4 electabuzz
4 hitmonchan
4 mr. mime
4 mewtwo
4 chansey

9 fighting energy
10 psychic energy
9 electric energy
4 double colorless energy
SATOSHI: Well, thanks to those who sent in decks for Twisted Challenge Two.
However, it is time for the second twisted challenge to come to a close.
Now...time for Twisted Challenge Three!!!!

Okay all, here's the next Twisted Challenge. I challenge all you twisted
deck builders to build a Cartoon Deck. Let me explain.
Here's an example: In the cartoon, A.J.(the sandshrew guy) had sandshrew,
butterfree, rattata, and beedrill(the last three were in the background of
his training area after the battle). If I wanted to make an A.J. style deck,
I'd put in sandshrew, rattata, caterpie, metapod, butterfree, weedle,
kakuna, and beedrill, and whatever else that character had in the cartoon.
Basically, I challenge you to chose a Pokemon cartoon character and make a
deck using only the pokemon he or she has in the cartoon. Good Luck with
Twisted Challenge Three!!
-An example of an A.J. style deck-
8 fighting energy
12 grass energy
3 double colorless energy

4 sandshrew
4 caterpie
3 butterfree
4 weedle
3 beedrill
4 rattata

4 pokemon breeder
3 computer search
4 bill
2 professor oak
2 gust of wind

SATOSHI: Well, there's a quick example of an A.J. style deck. It has nothing
but the pokemon that A.J. could be seen with in the episode, "Path To The
Pokemon League!" the episode A.J. was in. Smoe other good character ideas
would be:
-Any of the Gym Leaders
-Gary(but who'd want to base a deck around such a loser?)
-Marina(the water trainer from the episode "Bye Bye Psyduck!")
-Tracy Sketcher
-Team Rocket(Jessie/James/Butch/Cassidy)

SATOSHI: Well, there ya have it. Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!