SATOSHI: Before we begin, I'd like to say something to anyone who is, has,
or is thinking about e-mailing me telling me there is a way to catch mew in
the game. Go take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions for Pokemon
Yellow on this site, Look under the question "Is there really Mew?
How can I catch Mew?" Now, think twice about sending me fake(ANY) codes
regarding catching mew in the game, okay? Now, onto the deck.
4 Bulbasaurs
3 Ivysaurs
3 Venusaurs
2 Venonant
1 Venomoth
2 Ditto
2 Scyther
2 Pinsir

3 Bill
1 Oak
1 Gambler
3 Computer Seatch
2 G.O.W.
2 S.E.R.
2 E.R.
2 Pokeball

25 Grass Energies

My stratagy is basically to keep energy available to the active pokemon
with energy trans, while building up scythers, venusaurs, and pinsers on
the bench to destroy the enemy!
SATOSHI: Okay, looks great. Still, there's always room for improvements.
You mention every pokemon family in your strategy, exept venonat/moth. Why
are they here? I suggest taking them out. In their places, add three pokemon
breeders. Now, remove an ivysaur in favor of a fourth venusaur. I'm guessing
you power up the ditto with trans energy...good, good. Okay, the pokemon
look good. Onto the trainers.
Remove the gambler. He is better suited for stall decks, and this deck is
definitely NOT a stall. With the space, add another professor oak. The
pokeball really don't belong here. You've got the computer search, with is
good enough. take them out for another computer search and a fourth pokemon
breeder. Okay, onto the energy.
Tak out three grass energy for three double colorless energy. We want to
power up scyther and pinsir fast, and these will help.
Energy trans is another great deck to play. It will be aided even more with
the NEO series, which has a pokemon(the stage two starter grass pokemon)
with a pokemon power that treats each grass energy as two grass energy.
Sweet. :)

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for now!! Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!