SATOSHI: Here's yet another deck for TC#4
Hey how's it  going??? here is my twisted challenge #4 deck

energy (19)
15 psychic energy

4 fossil gastly
4 fossil haunter
3 farfech'd
4 jigglypuff

Trainers (26)
2 oaks
4 bills
4 G.O.W.
4 energy removal
4 S.E.R.
3 item finder
3 computer search
2 scoop up
SATOSHI: Well, that's all the decks for now!! BTW, remeber when I said that
the Twisted challenges would be open for a week? Well, due to school
starting up soon..*sigh*..tomarrow..they will close as close to a week as I
can get. Never under a week, but they may be open for over a week. Got it?
Thought so. Good Luck and Happy Gaming, everyone!!!