SATOSHI: Okay, I'm feeling creative(and a little hungry, but that's beside
the point), so here's another story fix.
*****Brushfire: The Next Generation*****
On one of his annual trips back to the Pokemon Space Station, Satoshi is
relaxing in his private quarters, making finishing touches to his new
raindance deck, while blastoise was sleeping soundly. Suddenly, the deck
alarm goes off. Blastoise wakes with a start, and Satoshi urgently tells him
to follow. "C'mon, buddy! We've got a deck to fix!!" Blastoise understands
and gets up to follow.
Seated rushing to the captain's seat on the large bridge, Satoshi now
assumes the roll of Captain Satoshi, commanding officer of the Pokemon Space
Station. He turns on the monitor, and is met with this message.
improved brush fire

1-arcanine base

4-nidoran male

2-energy retrieval
1-pokemon trader
1-super energy removal
1-gust of wind

18-fire energy
9-grass energy
1-double colorless energy

my deck is mainly heavy damage pokemon charizard and nidoking is a good
ninetails and arecanine help back them up. chansy is to counter the psy
pokemon the energy retrival helps get the dicarded energys back pokemon
trader gets the pokemon you need right when you need it the SER help you
surviy potions help keep you alive and charizards energy burn works good
the double colorless there it is have fun.
Satoshi scans the deck, nods, and sets to work. He sets the deck on the
console next to him, and the supercomputer scans the deck, and reports its
contnets onto the screen. Satoshi checks the pokemon first.
"Hmmm.." he mumbles. "Charizard AND Ninetales...and 18 fire energy?...not
good. I'll drop the Charizard and add a third cahrmeleon. People don't
realize that Charmander and Charmeleon are great on their own, while
Charizard is just a big energy hog.
As he says this, the alarms in the space station go off. A wormhole opens
in deep space....and a fleet of the dreaded Imperial Fire Fleet appear!! A
quick status report tells the crew of the spaces station that these fierce
warriors are the last of a forgotten race, and still treat Charizard as a
Pokemon TCG god. Satoshi sees the fleet consists of three Imperial
Char-Destroyers, and numerous Char-Fighters!!
"All fighter pilots, to your spacecraft!! This is NOT a drill!!!" Within
minutes, the station's own starfleet, the Blastoise Avengers, emerge from
the docking bays. The agile C-Wing Fighters rush into combat, while the
Carriers stay back and fire their turbolasers.
Despite the battle outside, Satoshi still fixes the deck. "Take out the
Nidoran family and the chansey. In their places, put in four Scyther, three
more DCE, and and other fire energy. Since Scyther doesn't need grass energy
to operate, take the grass out. With those nine spaces, add in another
vulpix and ninetales, along with another growlithe and arcanine.
Satoshi presses a button on his console, and his chair and computer are
lowered into a gunnery mount. He continues onto the trainers of the deck,
while firing the quad-lasers at passing enemy vessels. "With the five
remianing sapces, add in two more pluspower. Also, remove the potion, and
add in three bill. Remove the gust and switch for two professor oak. Now,
with the three spaces from before, add another energy retrieval and two
computer search. The S.E.R. and pokemon trader go for two switch. Sorry
'bout taking them out and putting them back in like that. Let's see what
we've got, okay?

19 fire energy

3 vulpix
2 ninetales
3 growlithe
2 arcanine
4 charmander
3 charmeleon
4 scyther

4 pluspower
3 bill
2 professor oak
2 computer search
3 energy retrieval
2 switch

Satoshi lets out a yell of triumph as he sees the command ship of the
Imperial Fire Fleet explode into flaming rubble. Seeing this, the remains of
the Fire Fleet, much less than they had been at the beginning of the attack,
retreated, and made the jump to lightspeed. Satoshi leans back in his seat,
and his chair rises from the gunnery mount back to the bridge. The
technicans are busy celebrating their win against the Fire Fleet, so Satoshi
finishes tranmission.
Hope this helps!!! We had to make some sacrifices, but it came out pretty
good. Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!!
Finishing his translation, Satoshi heaves a sigh of relief, and returns to
his quarters. After all, his Raindance deck still needed some tweaking.
SATOSHI: There it is. Hope you enjoyed it! Good Luck and Happy Gaming,