SATOSH: This deck was sent to me all the way from the UK!! How cool is that?
I don't care how much you change my deck, it's c***!
I find it really difficult to make decks as I have a load of cards that I
like to use, but they take three stages to evolve which obviously isn't
I have the full base set 1, including all trainer cards. This is my deck:

P O K É M O N (19)

2 x Abra
2 x Kadabra
1 x Alakazam
2 x Mewtwo
2 x Gastly
1 x Haunter
1 x Promo Mew

2 x Magikarp
1 x Gyarados
2 x Seel
2 x Dewgong

1 x Chansey

T R A I N E R S (14)

2 x Potion
1 x Super Potion
2 x Switch
1 x Gust of Wind
4 x Bill
1 x Computer Search (To look for Chansey)
1 x Pokémon Trader (To look for Alakazam)
1 x Pokémon Breeder (To use Alakazam)
1 x Pokédex

E N E R G Y (28)

17 x Psychic Energy
12 x Water Energy

Living in the UK I only have access to the Base set, for some reason the
fossil and jungle packs aren't available here and I don't want to pay too
much just for 11 cards!  I only have 1 of each or my star pokémon or
trainers, apart from Mewtwo and Hitmonchan. I have the rest of the base set
about 4 times over!
S T R A T E G Y: Not very original, just keep building up the needed
energies, while damage swaping over to chansey.
Thanx a lot
SATOSHI: Alright, this deck needs to be either a heavy hitter or a damage
swapper, not both. We'll go damage swap/attack as this type of deck
relatively easy to use. Not that heavy hitters aren't, mind you. This guy
only has access to the base set, so no scyther, no articuno..*sniff*
fossilized raindance....Anyway, onto the deck.
Okay, since we're going damage swap, let's get rid of the water part of the
deck. That gives us 19 spaces(counting the water energy). Great, 'cause
we'll need 'em. Take the alakazam family up to a 4-3-4 ratio, using 6
spaces. 13 spaces left, sportsfans. Now, two more chansey, and we're on our
way. The gastly/haunter line is not the best, but since you only have base
set, we'll leave 'em in. In fact, we'll take 'em up to a 3-2 ratio. Two more
spaces used, 12 left. Mewtwo's fine. The mew can stay. In fact, add in two
more. With 10 spaces, to the trainers we go.
Okay, the trainers. Remove the pokedex. The bills can stay, but take one out
for a fourth chansey. Remove the potions and super potions, and put in four
pokemon center. With our spaces from before, add in three more pokemon
breeder, and three more pokemon trader. Trade in the gust of wind for
another computer search, and we're on our way.
Energy looks okay, but add in four DCE with our last four spaces.
*whew* Well, there we go. Satoshi's Shop is officially international. ;)
Anyway, let's look at the deck, and I'll make some notes as to what to
replace when the expnasions come out. He it is.

17 psychic energy

4 abra
3 kadabra
4 alakazam
2 mewtwo(replace with two jungle edition Mr. Mime when Jungle comes out)
3 gastly(replace with two fossil edition Gastly when Fossil comes out)
2 haunter(replace with two fossil edition Haunter when Fossil come out)
3 mew

4 pokemon center
3 bill(replace with three fossil edition Gambler when Fossil comes out)
2 switch
2 computer search
4 pokemon breeder
4 pokemon trader

SATOSHI: Well, I think we did it. I didn't realize fixing a deck with
nothing but Base Set would be such a challenge. I was. =0
BTW, this guy asked me post one of my own decks, using only Base Set to
help him and his friends over in the UK. Look for it soon! Good Luck and
Happy Gaming, to everyone around the globe!!!