SATOSHI: *yawn* morning, all. The shop is open. Here's the first deck.
Dear Satoshi,

    I hope you would please fix this deck up.  I think it works well.  The
Fossil Magmar and Polemon LEague Arcanine ( which I just got ) are el
superbo.  Ninetail works good too, roasting those Scythers over an open
fire!  But you see, Hitmonlee/Chan/Electabuzz decks tear apart poor wittle
Growlithe and Vulpex.  Please Help ME!

components of the all-fire deck:
2 Charmander
2 Charmeleon
1 Charizard
3 Vulpix
2 Ninetail
3 Growlithe
3 Promo Arcanine
1 Base Arcanine
2 Fossil Magmar

2 Computer Search
2 Energy Search
2 PokeTrade
1 PokeBreed
3 Imposter Oaks
3 Super Energy Removes
3 Energy Removes
2 Bill

Energy 23
19 Fire

I hope your Pojo-intensified wisdom will help me.  Thanks
SATOSHI: Hmmm, I can see where the haymaker decks could rip thius apart.
Let's try an' fix 'er up, shall we?
Okay, this is not me being lizard bias or anything, but I have my doubts
about a deck with ninetales AND charizard. For now, charizard vanishes.
Let's see...I'm guessing the DCE were used to power up the big guy, right?
Right. We'll leave those in, but for a different purpose; to power up
scyther. Take out the two charmander and two charmeleon, and put in three
scyther. Use the last space for another fire energy. I also think you should
remove a promo arcanine; as of now, the growlithe family is 3-4! You've got
more evolutions than basics. Take out a promo arcanine for a base growlithe.
The pokemon are starting to look good, so let's go on to the trainers.
Oaky, we have some stuff to do here as well. I'll take out the pokemon
breeder, since you have no use for it, and remove the energy searches. The
energy search cards are meant for find a certain type of energy in a
multi-colored deck. Take those three out, and put in three energy retrieval.
With so many energy discarding fire types, you need to have some way to get
the lost energy back. Now, the imposter professor, why are they
here? Anyway, take those out, and put in two more bill and a professor oak.
This will help you get those much needed evolutions. Now, you can leave the
super energy removals if you want, but just be careful about how much energy
you discard. Take out the regular energy removals, and one super energy
removals, in favor of four pluspower. These will really help in putting on
the hurt. Now, the trainers look oaky, so onto the energy.
You've got four DCE for the scyther, and 20 fire energy for(duh) the fire
types...lookin' good. Let's move on.
Here's the finished product.

20 fire energy

3 scyther
2 magmar(f)
3 vulpix
2 ninetales
4 growlithe
3 arcanine(2 TCG promo)

4 pluspower
2 super energy rmeoval
3 energy retrieval
4 bill
1 professor oak
2 pokemon trader

SATOSHI: Okay, I think we did it! Yeah! This deck came in fairly good; we
just worked some of the bugs out. Just be careful aroud raindance!!! ;)

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for now! Good Lucka and Happy Gaming, everyone!