SATOSHI: Welcome back!!! *phew* Man, it is swelltering here at the shop. To
top that off, the A.C. went out, so I'm kinda up a tree here. *sigh* Oh
well, at least there's a nice breeze outside...and we've got lotsa ice in
the freezer...I suppose we'll survive.
My deck is designed too stall with Magmars<fossil> and power up the big
guns.... here is my deck...

4 Charmanders
3 Charmeleons
1 Charizard
3 Magmars<fossil>
1 Moltres

4 Prof. Oak
2 Switch
1 Item Finder
2 Scoop up
1 Computer Search
4 Gust of Wind
4 Energy Removal
1 Super Energy Removal

2 Double Colorless <all i have!>
23 Fire Energy

SATOSHI:<<spips a slurpee>> Ahhh....well, you're right. This deck does need
a lot of help. Let's get to work.
Your strategy says you try to stall until you can bring out heavy hitters,
huh? Fossil magamrs aern't your best bet then. Take out the magmars and add
in 3 chansey. Now, as for the fire type attackers....I really think you'd be
better off with something other than the charmander family. I would suggest
taking them out and add in a 4-3 ninetales family. Now, remove the moltres
and add save the remaining two spaces for later. We'll come back to the
Okay, fire decks really focus on brute strength, so remove the energy
removal and super energy removal. Save those places; we'll need them for the
pokemon. Take out two professor oaks for two bill, as you don't want to have
to repeatedly discard. take out the itemfinder for another bill/. Things are
looking better, but we'll also come back to the trainers after the energy
and pokemon.
Take out two fire energy for two more DCE. 21 fire energy is good, so let's
go back to the pokemon.
We have 8 spaces. Add four scyther, as they can be paired with a DCE easily,
and offer a glimmer of hope aggainst a water deck.
The last 4 spaces go for 4 pluspowers. Extra 10 damage. 'Nuff said.
Well, we fixed this one!! Hope the adjustments help!!!

SATOSHI: *sigh* Well, it's still WAY hot at the shop. Think I'll go stand in
the freezer for a few hours...Good Luck and Happy Gaming, everyone!!