SATOSHI: Well, I'm back. And I have good news for anyone that accepts my
Twisted Challenges. I have decided on Twisted Challenge Four!!! Here it

In honor of Pokemon Stadium, the newest (and best) pokemon game for the N64,
the fourth version of the Twisted Challenges is as follows: I dare anyone
and everyone out there to make a deck with Petit Cup height and weight
restrictions. For those who do not know, this means only pokemon with a
height/length less than or equal to 6'8" and that weigh no more than 44lbs.
This information can be found underneath the picture. For example, base set
dratini is 5'11" long, and weighs 7Lbs., so he/she/it could be in the
Twisted Challenge Four "Petit Deck." However, jungle expansion likitung is
3'11" long, but weighs 144lbs., so it could not be in the "Petit Deck." And,
true to Pokemon Stadium, mew is prohibited. Sorry, mew lovers. :(

SATOSHI: Well, that's the newest Twisted Challenge. But, 'cause I want to
make things totally clear(and 'cause I have nothing better to do), I'll
provide an example of a "Petit Deck."

"Petit Power!"
4 double colorless energy
8 fighting energy
12 fire energy

4 jigglypuff(1'8"/12Lbs.)
3 farfetch'd(2'7"/33Lbs.)
4 machop(2'7"/43Lbs.)
3 charmander(2'0"/19Lbs.)
3 growlithe(2'4"/42Lbs.)

3 energy removal
2 super energy removal
4 bill
2 professor oak
2 computer search
4 pluspower
2 energy retrieval

SATOSHI: There...I THINK that's 60 cards :) Anyway, there it is. Now, I
don't want to see a bunch of decks where you took out just a few cards from
my example, okay? Great. Good Luck and Happy Gaming, everyone!!!