SATOSHI: Okay, You may have seen the Pokemon Lady's "Muk Miasa" or however
you spell it. Now I'm gonna try the same thing. Enjoy!!<<BTW, this first
part is by the deck's creator.>>
It's a clear day at Satoshi's shop, where we find or hero looking outside
waiting for his next customer. Suddenly, out of nowhere comes this giant
Mobile suit that lands right outside his shop. His entire shop is shook up
from the powerful jets of the 300 foot high wonder as it's feet gracefully
land on the soft earth. Satoshi looks out and wonders who it could be when
all of a sudden we see Mewtwo float down from the awesome machine. As
Satoshi opens the door Mewtwo hands him a pokemon TCG deck. Mewtwo says< my
master has created a deck that he thought you should look at. It is called
Flaming muk and is a Grass and Fire energy deck. It is a deck that consists
of the Rapidash and Muk families. It also has many fossil Magmars. It's
strategy is to poison and knock them out quickly. It is very energy
efficient and is a fast hitter. My master begs of you to analyze his deck to
find any problems in it. I think you shall find a small problem with the
trainers so my master is willing for any suggestions> Mewtwo hands a deck
and a list  to Satoshi and learns it contents. Mewtwo then floats back to
the Mobile suit and it flies off into space.

Flaming Muk:
4 fossil magmar ( good stall to build up your bench)
2 tauros ( used these because I didn't have any lickitung)
3 grimer
2 muk ( mime killer)
3 ponyta
2 Rapidash ( Agility; none of my fire pokemon have to discard energy)
2 scyther ( enough said)

4 potions
2 gambler ( I need your honest opinion in this and prof, oak)
1 prof. oak
3 Gust of wind ( hit those weak benched pokemon)
4 bill
2 pokemon trader
2 energy retrieval

11 grass enerrgy
11 fire energy
2 double colorless
Satoshi sees scribbled on the list <please, please, please look at this
<<SATOSHI: Okay, now I take over. =)>>
Satoshi looks at the contents, scratches his head, and decides to talk to
everyone's favorite psychologist, Dr. Crash Landon, about this strange
"Hmmm..." Crash says, as they both take a seat in his inner office. "You
say a Mewtwo came from the sky and gave you a deck to fix?" Satoshi nods,
and Dr. Crash shkaes his head. "Man, what are you on?"
Seeing that Dr. crash doen't believe him, Satoshi sighs, bids goodbye to
Dr. Crash, and leaves. "I'll show that hack." Satoshi mumbles to himself.
"I'll show him I'm not crazy...."
Back in his shop, Satoshi enters the mysterious back room, where all of his
incredibly advanced equipment is kept. His sets the deck down on an
examining table, and separates it into three piles; pokemon, trainers, and
energy. Matrix, his trusty robot, aids in the fix.
Satoshi soon gets to work, diving deep into the deck to examine its
contents. "Hummmm," he mumbles as he looks at the pokemon. " I really think
the tauros are a risky choise. " he says to Matirx, hwo is busy keying all
this information Satoshi finds into their supercomputer. I would remove them
completely, and add in another scyther and rapidash. Tauros is an okay
pokemon, but confusion is very risky, and could be very dangerous. Plus,
scyther is very easy to power up, and can hold the opposition off while you
charge up the heavy guys..." He then proceeds to remove the tauros with a
pair of tweezers, and places them in pressurized card holders. "And
Rapidash's agility is very nice." The holders seal shut with a soft 'hiss.'
He then takes a scyther and rapidash and adds them into the deck. "There we
are." He then moves to the table with the trainers on it. "The trainers need
the most work," Satoshi says to no one. "the potions really don't belong
here. Sure, they can be handy, but I think we could have something better in
here. I think another ponyta, grimer, muk, and DCE would go nicely." With
that, he removes the potions, and adds the desired cards. "Now, the
gambler...I really don't know about him. He goes great i stall decks,
granted, but in here...I think another professor oak and DCE would be
better. After all, we want to draw those cards, not put them back." With a
quick movement, he removes the gamblers and adds in the professor oak and
DCE. "Everything else looks good. Your energy is balanced, the opther
trainers lok good, and you've got as decent strategy. Nice job." Satoshi
then realizes he is talking to no one but himself and Matrix, and shuts
himself up. "Matrix," he adresses the small robot hovering by the super
computer. "Please process this deck and have the supercomputer print out a
copy in writing." Seconds later, the robot bring the written deck to
Satoshi, who then looks it over in satisfaction.

Flaming Muk V 1.5
4 magamr(f)
3 scyther
4 grimer
3 muk
4 ponyta
3 rapidash

4 bill
2 professor oak
3 gust of wind
2 pokemon trader
2 energy retrieval

11 grass energy
11 fire energy
4 d ouble colorless energy

Satoshi nods, smiling. He heads outside, where Mewtwo is waiting patiently.
"You have finished?" It questions.
Satoshi nods. "yes." He hands Mewtwo the deck.
Mewtwo takes it, and offers a small smile. "My master thanks you." With
that said, he flies off in his mobile suit.
Dr. Crash Landon, who was watching nearby, steps forward, jaw dropped. "I-I
can't....I can't BELIEVE it!" He stammers.
Satoshi looks at him, and offers a smug grin. "Stil think I'm on something,
SATOSHI: Ta Da! Well? You guys like it? Shoul I do more? I wanna know! Drop
me a line at the usual address, and let me know what you think! Good Luck
and Happy Gaming, everyone!!