SATOSHI: Welcome back! We've got another deck for ya'll!
Hey guys. I am not  just trying to get my deck posted here. I really need
some help.  My strategy is to get kangaskhan as my basic at the beginning

or Squirtle) to stall them until I get Poliwrath or Gyarados. Please try to
keep this deck as cheap as possible while adding.

Pokemon X 20

1 X Articuno
2 X Ditto
2 X Poliwrath
3 X Poiwhirl
4 X Poliwag
2 X Lapras
1 X Gyarados
2 X Magikarp
1 X Kangaskhan
1 X Squirtle

Trainers X 15
2 X energy search
4 X potion
2 X Gambler
1 X Pokemon Trader
2 X Pokemon breeder
2 X switch
1 X professor oak
2 X super potion

energy X 27
23 X water energy
4 X double colorless energy
SATOSHI: Okay, we have some work to do. I'll TRY to keep this cheap, but no
Alright, the poliwrath line is great. Don't touch them. Since your srategy
revolves around kangaskahn, let's remove the two ditto for two more
kanaskahn. Next, let's remove articuno and squirtle for a better starting
water-type...staryu. Yes, staryu. One energy does 20 damage. Sounds good to
me. I would aslo suggest removing the gyarados family for 2 dratini and a
dragonair. Okay, everything else looks good. Let's move on.
Okay, now the trainers. Right off, remove the energy search. In a mono color
deck, they are not necessary. Now, add in another dratini and a dragonair,
making that family 3-2. Remove the potions for another oak and three bills.
Also, remove the super potion for another trader and breeder. I'm also going
to suggest removing the gamblers for two super energy removal. The trainers
look good, so let's move on.
Energy looks fine. Good job there. =D
Let's take a loook at the finished deck

23 water energy

4 poliwag
3 poliwhirl
2 poliwrath
2 staryu
3 dratini
2 dragonair
3 kangaskahn

2 switch
2 pokemon trader
3 pokemon breeder
2 professor oak
3 bill
2 super energy removal

SATOSHI: Looks good. We've got us an energy denial deck now. I tried to keep
it relatively cheap, and hope I did. =D Hope this helps! Good Luck and Happy