SATOSHI: Okay, here's the next deck.
My deck is a psychic fighting and fire deck that is meant to evolve and/or
belive me it works. Yet it needs a little tuning. My deck is the following:

12 Fire energies
13 psychic energies
11 fighting energies

1 Drowzee
1 Hypno
1 Abra
1 Kadabra
1 Gastly (Fossil)
1 Haunter (Fossil)
1 Hitmonlee
1 Mewtwo (promo)
1 Rhyhorn
1 Rhydon
1 Machop
1 Machoke
1 Machamp
2 Charmander
1 Charmeleon
1 Charizard
1 Farfetch'd

1 Pokémon Breeder
1 Recycle

SATOSHI:<<scrathes head>>Okay, first off, I'm sorry, but I can't believe
this works. The main thing wrong with a deck of all single pokemon is the
random deck that they create. You want to be able to have a slight idea of
what's coming up in your deck. With that said, let's get to work.
Alright, we are going to delete the fire family, as three colors usually
only work in Potpourri-like decks. That gives us 16 spaces. Plus, I count 56
cards, so we have 20 spaces altogether. Geez, that's what I call elbow room.
=) Anyway, first, I'd like to expnad on the psychic family, so here we go.
Alright, in the way of psychics, we have 1 drowzee, 1 hypno, 1 fossil gstly
and 1 fossil haunter, 1 abra, 1 kadabra, and 1 promo mewtwo. Okay, not bad
pokemon choices, but one of each is horrible. We'll start by removing the
drowzee and hypno and adding in two more promo mewtwo. Mewtwo is a great
card, with 40 damage and the ability to charge itself up. Now, take out the
abra, kadabra, and haunter for three jynx. Another great card, this guy,
along with mewtwo, had 70 hp. This is great for a basic, and his attakcs are
also good. now, we want to remove the gastly in favor of one more psychic
energy, making it 14. On second thought, 14 may be a litle much. lower it to
12 and keep the two spots for later. There. now that the psychics are done,
let's move on, shall we?
Okey dokey, in the way of fighting, we have 1 hitmonlee, 1 rhyhorn, 1
rhydon, 1 machop, 1 machoke, and 1 machamp. I'm also gonna do something with
that lone farfetch'd. Not as bad, but one of each, again, is not good. We'll
start by removing hitmonlee, rhyhorn, machop, and rhydon and adding four
hitmonchan. I love this guy. His speed is great, and 70 hp is always a good
thing for a basic. Now, remove machoke, machmap, and farfetch'd and add
three of everyone's favorite bug...scyther. Remeber those 22 spaces from
before? We're gonna use four of them right now to add four double colorless
energy to this deck. Now we've got 18 spaces, and we're finally moving on to
the trainers.
Okay, in the way of trainers, we have...two. Two trainers. Recycle and
pokemon breeder. And you said this deck worked? Anyway, those are gone, so
now we can start fresh with 20 spaces. okay, right off the bat, we're going
to add four pluspower. With guys like hitmonchan and scyther, ppluspower
works real well. Now we have 16 spaces. We are now going to add four bills.
You need that drawing power. 12 spaces now. Two professor oaks will go great
in here, to help you get those hard-hitters out. 10 spaces left. Add three
gust of wind to get those weaklings off the bench, so you can get an easy
prize. 7 left. Add two super energy removal to keep the opponent helpless.
Now, add two scoop up for those emergency situations. Finally, add three
energy removal, for those small jobs. There. We did it! We fixed the
The energy looks fine, as we fixed it on the way. 11 fighting, 14 psychic, 4
DCE. Looks good.
Let's look at the finished product.

11 fighting energy
12 psychic energy

3 mewtwo(movie promo)
3 jynx
4 hitmonchan
3 scyther

4 pluspower
4 bill
2 professor oak
3 gust of wind
2 super energy removal
2 scoop up
3 energy removal

SATOSHI: Yes! We did it!!! We fixed that...that..deck!! Wahhoo! *whew* That
was more intense than Tai Bo. =) Anyway, I hope this helped your deck!!!
Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!!