SATOSHI: Hey! Welcome! You're just in time for our TGIF(Thank God It's
Friday) Party!! I figure, if Dr. Landon's office can have parties, than so
can we!!! You may notice that all the people here are wearing bed sheets.
Don't be scared. This party is a roman-style party. Grab a toga and join the
    I decided to build an Officer Jenny deck, just to be contrary, but I
realized that I've only seen Jenny with Growlithe and Gastly.  So I took a
liberty or two and added Arcanine and Haunter... and took another liberty or
two and made it a Jenny AND Joy deck (with Chansey).  Almost added
Magikarp-Gyarados for that recent episode.. but that was kind of pushing it.
        The Jenny and Joy deck:
    Pokemon:  11 basic, 4 stage 1, 15 total
        4 Growlithe
        2 Arcanine
        4 Gastly (fossil, of course)
        2 Haunter (again, fossil)
        3 Chansey
    Trainers:  19
        4 Computer Search (to find those Pokémon!)
        2 Professor Oak
        2 Bill
        3 Gust of Wind
        2 Switch
        2 Super Potion (Well, Nurse Joy DOES heal a lot...)
        2 Energy Removal
        2 Energy Retrieval
    Energy: 26
        4 Double Colorless Energy
        12 Fire Energy
        10 Psy Energy
    And thus, the Jenny and Joy deck.  I certainly wouldn't want to PLAY it
against anything, except maybe a Mulligan Mewtwo... but it was fun to make
I did the evolutions 4-2 so I could have as much room as possible, but keep
the maximum number of basics.
        Rainy the Furry Blue Mock-Dragon
SATOSHI: Hah! Hail, Rainy! of habit..old roman
junk...anyway, great deck! Next!
Hiya Satoshi! I got bored, so I decided to make another Character's Deck.
This is my Team Rocket's Deck, Jessie and James, mind you; not Butch and

3 ekans
2 arbok
4 bellsprout
3 weepinbel
2 victreebel
3 koffing
2 weezing
2 meowth
2 likitung

3 computer search
3 energy removal
3 bill
2 professor oak
2 switch
2 gust of wind
2 defender
2 pluspower

2 double colorless energy
20 grass energy

Note: if you add up the cards, they come to 65 cards. This is on purpose.
Team Rocket are the bad guys, so naturally they'd try to cheat.
Rainy The Furry, Blue Mock-Dragon
SATOSHI: Nice deck(again) Rainy!!! Well, that's all for now!! Good Luck and
Happy Gaming, everyone!!!