SATOSHI: Okay, it's Saturday mron, and the shop is open. Next customer,
Hey Satoshi,
I got a pretty good deck that I call wavy water. I try to get Wiggly up with
full or almost full bench. Articuno is my favorite pokemon and Lapras has
high HP and can confuse. I'd like the masters opinion on it though. Thanks
3 Jigglypuff
3 Wigglytuff
2 Seel
2 Dewgong
4 Lapras
3 Articuno

27 water energy

3 Bill
3 ER
2 Computer search
2 Proffesor oak
SATOSHI: Okay, I really like this deck(partially 'cause he called me a
"master" =P)but there is some work to be done. Here we go!
Okay, seems we need to fix up the family ratios. The pokemon are good, but
we need more of them. I'll start by taking two water energy out in favor for
two more seel. Now, take a third out for a fourth jigglyuff and take out an
E.R. for a third dewgong and we're all set. On to the trainers.
Trainers look good. The only thing I'd suggest is the removal of a second
E.R. for a third computer search. Other than that, great job. =D On to the
In my opinion, we need to add a fourth DCE. Take out the last E.R. for the
Let's look at the finished product.

24 water energy
4 double colorless energy

4 jigglypuff
3 wigglytuff
4 seel
3 dewgong
4 lapras
3 articuno

3 bill
2 professor oak
3 computer search
3 gust of wind

SATOSHI: Looks great! This deck looks a lot like a water version of a
wigglymaker deck. Nice work!! That's all for now, everyone! Good Luck and
Happy Gaming!!