SATOSHI: Hello, everyone!!! It is Friday morning, and the shop is open. Look
around later, as I've got s'more Twisted Challenge Decks for you all to see.
But for now, a regular deck fix.
Hi, Pojo I would like to know what you think of this deck.

Big Energy Removal:

4x poliwag
3x poliwhirl
2x poliwrath
4x psyduck
3x golduck
3x dratini
2x dragonair

25x water energy

4x energy removal
4x super energy removal
2x profesor oak
3x pokemon trader
1x energy retreval

This deck really sucks up the energy. It is good against all fire decks and
people who have big energy for attacks pokemon up I will keep removing the
energy and they will be unable to attack and I will use my energy and super
energy removals for there benched pkmn so when they come it is all a matter
of time.
SATOSHI: Well, this deck is great. There are a few things I'd like to
recommend, though. First, I notice you've got two oaks in here. That's good,
but I'd also like to squeeze in some bills if at all possible. I'll
recommend taking out the energy removal for 2 bill and two itemfinder, to
get those super enerrgy removals back. But hey, this deck looks great, so
I'll leave it up to you. That's all for now, everyone! If you'll excuse me,
I've got to get ready for our first annual TGIF(Thank God It's Friday) Party
here at the shop. Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!!!