SATOSHI: Welcome to Twisted Challenge Three!!<<applause>>We've got some
Cartoon Style decks for ya, but first-<<turns on CD player>>

     "So you wanna be a master?(pokemon!)
Do you have the skills to be?(num-ber one!)
We all live,
In a pokemon world(po-ke-mon!)
I wanna be the greatest master of them all!!

SATOSHI:<<turns off CD player>> Okay, now the decks. BTW, if anyone knows
the rest of the new theme song, please send it in to me!!!
Hey satoshi, I am sending in a deck that is your twisted challenge 3. Now I
know you don't like gary but if you think about it he has good pokemon. Here
is the deck- "The Gary Deck"

4x Nidoran
4x Nidorino
4x Nidoking
4x Growlith
4x Arcanine

4x energy removal
2x pokemon trader
2x pokemon breeder
2x Computer Search
2x energy retrieval
4x bill
2x Professor oak

10x fire
10x grass
2x Double Colorless

This deck is awsome. PLEASE admit it satoshi!
SATOSHI: Alright, this is a great deck, I'll admit that. Still, I cannot
stand the character Gary. He's too arrrogant for his own good, and you all
know that Ash could whip him good if they ever got a chance to battle!
Heheh. Poor Blastoise's ears are still recovering from the episode when Gary
lost in the Pokemon League. I swear, China must've heard me cheer!=D Good
pokemon or not, he could learn a thing or two from Ash about sportsmanship.
Okay, now that I'm done carrying on and on, here's the next deck.
Hi Satoshi, here's a deck using giovani's pokemon from the episode "The
Battle For The Badge."

3 MP mewtwo
3 nidoran
2 nidoking
2 likitung

3 breeder
3 switch
1 search
3 bill
1 oak

10 psychic energy
12 grass energy
10 fighting energy

There you have it! This Giovanni deck uses heavey hitters and Toxic to wear
down on any opponent, and then uses Mewtwo for the kill. Likitung is used
for psychci stalls, and Mewtwo can beat down Hitmonchans, too. Just watch
out for Scythers.
SATOSHI: Well, there ya go. The first two acceptees for Twisted Challenge
Three. Remember, these are CARTOON style decks, not VIDEO GAME style decks.
Just a reminder. Good Luck and Happy Gaming, everyone!!!