>before i list my deck i would like to say that I DO
>NOT CONSIDER MY DECK A HAYMAKER i thought of the idea
>before i even knew about the different types of
>archtypes and selected the pokemon myself.
>and i know my deck has more than 60 cards this is why
>im submitting i need help on which ones to eliminate.
>pokemon (13)
>3x hitmonchan
>3x scyther
>3x electabuzz
>2x aerodactyle
>2x chansey
>trainers (26)
>3x bill (duh)
>2x professoer oak (double duh)
>3x computer search
>3x switch
>3x mysterious fossil
>4x gust of wind
>4x plus power
>4x scoop up
>energy (26)
>12 fighting
>10 electric
>4 double colorless
>get out aerodactyle so you only have to fight weak
Hmm...I kinda like the Aerodactyls. With the Computer Searches, Oaks, and
Bills, I think it would work. Only a few things I have problems with...

You need that Aero ASAP, to do this, you need 4 Fossils. I also don't like 4
Scoop Ups, 3 always worked fine for me. Drop 1 Scoop Up, and add in another
Fossil. Everything else seems perfect to me. I don't really have any more
suggestions. Nice work!!

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