>Thanks, I am pleased to hear your comments.Do I go on your page as a helped
>now? I was kinda timid as to what to put in and haven't played much, but
>was met
>with success all the way along.Anyways, i took athe Pinsirs all together,
>1 more breeder, added another Bulba, took out a Lass, and a Retieval and
>put in
>an Oak. Those were the changes and then I  went to a tournament and won the
>darned thing. I was so surprised. I did make some changesthat you hit on
>Here is the review oft he tournamet
>Well here is how I fared at a tournament today. inever playerd at this
>but had been in a few times and heard about the tournament through my
>broyther no less! I play a Scyther?venusaur deck that relies on the Energy
>trans.I also have Kangaskhan and clefairy to balance the weakness factors.
>is how it went.
>   Round 1-  I faced a fire deck and knew I was in for it. I have played
>the kid
>once and I remembered that he plays a tough Ninetales/Arcanine combo deck.
>I started off with a Scyther and a Kangas, he with a Vulpix and a magmar. I
>the flip and had a hand with a Oak, Bill, Plus power and a DCE and  grass.
>placed the grass and Swords danced. He drew and did something. I then drew,
>placed a PlusPower, and DCE'd a slash and took the magmar, the rest of thew
>game was like that. I never saw the venusaur, but Kangas, Tauros, and
>worked great.
>     Round 2- A kid w/ Fighting and Water
>  This one wasn't bad. He tore my bench up with Stretch Kick and even got
>with a few Aurora Beams from Dewgong. That pissed me off and took it from
>     Round 3- electric Deck
>i was surprised to see this out. In the Midwest, I don't know of many
>that try out the electric. this wasn't a problem either... Kid had 5
>and I had to call it on him when he argued to the judges that I had illegal
>Scythers in my deck.What a crock of crap... well, the judge checked out his
>deck and awarded me the match.
>     Round 4- a Psychic deck with  good cards
>His deck was constructed well, but didn't have anything to stop my Clefairy
>Kangas. They have a resistance to Psy and it hurt him all game. I started
>a tauros and a Kangas. he brought a gastly and a Jynx. i won and sent out
>tauros. I placed a DCE and stomped. his turn, used lick, and then I
>with a stomp again, this time getting a succesful flip for the KO. he got a
>mewtow out next and we swapped hit with Tauros and Jynx, until he used
>and KO'd tauros. I then had a fully chaged Kangas. i brought him out and
>comet punches. the game went on likethis.... Kangas resistance was the
>ppoint for me here.
>     Semifinal- water deck
>A good old raindance deck... he never stood a chance. We both (!!!!)
>here and I eventually got a Scyther first. he had a squirtle. I won and
>drew a
>Clefairy. played an energy on Scyther and his turn. he bubbled and then I
>him for a 60 damage slash. Good bye raindance deck. I talked to the kid
>wards, and he had only 2 Squirtles in there. That won't do!
>     Final four- Psychic deck
>Now how many Porygons do you see being played? Well, it was a Jap and
>had some moves. He also have a Sabrina's Kadabra. That card is a pain too.
>move can take all your cards' HP off except it leaves 10 HP. What a move
>only....1 energy. That card was horrible. it took out my Tauros, but
>to 3 head flips from a Kangas. Man, i love my Kangas after this tourney!he
>had a Rocket's Mewtwo. It was the first one I'd seen in battle. Again it
>gone by Kangas. He struck back and we were soon just back and forth till my
>Scyther broke free for the last few prizes. This was the best match all
>     Finals- same darn kid with Fire as earlier.
>Well ,I guess he could play after all! well, the judges got everyone
>and it was very weird to have over 50 people staring in utter silence as we
>played. Like, I said earlier he was strong with NineTales and Acanine. We
>flipped and he won the toss. I started with a bulbasaur and tauros. Him
>with a
>Magmar and a Growlithe. he brought active growlithe and placed energy. I
>placed enrgy, his turn, he attacked, i then swithched in tauros, put a DCE
>and did stomp for 30. he attacked and got out a Arcanine. I think it was
>promo one... but I wasn't KO'D and I returned his damage with Rampage ( A
>forgotten move on a forgotten Pokemon). he got mad. we traded blows and I
>eventually got a venusaur out and energy trans all over the place. i got
>Scyhters all powered up asnd it was over from there. He took 4 prizes, but
>wasn't enough in the end.
>Well, after it was over, I was awarded a little hand-crafted Pikachu trophy
>won 10 booster packs from Base 2, plus a $25 store credit. I got another
>venusaur, clefairy, 2 Poliwraths, an Alakazam ,and a 3rd charizard out fo
>packs. I definetly scored there. I will save the credit for a rainy or
>desperate day.
>Props and Slops
>Props to my Tauros and Kangaskan!
>Props to the good Psychic deck and the kid's good sportsmanship.
>Props to the great prizes. ( I am 17 and think the trophy is really cool!)
>Props to my resilent grass deck for ousting a good fire deck twice!
>Slops to the cheater kid...tried to get me in trouble, little brat!
>Slops to the annoying kids that kept talking while crowded around in the
>Griffin Branham wrote:
> > >Hi, I was reading your page and realized that you were on of the more
> > >responsive and thorough leaders in here, so I'm asking for some
> > >assisstance. I play a grass deck that relies on the power of Venusaur
> > >and the speed and efficiency of Pinsir and Scythers. I am having a few
> > >problems withthe right trainers and also how to fend of the
> > >ever-so-popular fire decks in my area. I can beat them pretty
> > >i just do not want to have to be weary of them. Any suggestions and
> > >you may give would greatly appreciated. Thanks again. Daniel
> > >
> > >Grass Master
> > >
> > >3 x Bulbasaur
> > >2 x Ivysaur
> > >2 x Venusaur
> > >2 x Pinsir
> > >3 x Scyther
> > >2 x Clefairy
> > >1 x Clefable
> > >1 x Kangaskan
> > >2 x Tauros
> > >
> > >1 x Gust
> > >1 x Pokemon Breeder
> > >1 x Energy retrieval
> > >2 x ER
> > >2 x Computer Search
> > >3 x Bill
> > >2 x SER
> > >2 x Lass
> > >2 x PlusPowers
> > >
> > >23 x grass Energy
> > >3 DCE
> >
> > Hey, you're one of the lucky ones this week. You get your deck fixed!
> > you see guys? This is the kinda stuff I like to do reports on. He writes
> > nice deck strategy on top, and puts his cards in a nice layout below the
> > strategy. These are the decks I particularly like doing reports on.
> > easy to read, and I know what the cards are in there for. Anyways, let's
> > started...
> >
> > I see almost no flaws in this dekc, save a few. You need more Breeders.
> > Speed is the key to almost every dekc, since Haymakers are everywhere.
> > th Kangaskhan, since you already have some Bills(and Oaks, later) and
> > another Breeder in. You want four Breeders altogether, and that means 2
> > more. WIth the four, you won't need any Ivysaurs. Drop the 2 Ivysaurs
> > the last two Breeders. You also need some Professor Oaks. They are a
>must in
> > every deck. Plus Powers are not needed, unless of course, you're playing
> > with a Haymaker. Drop the two of them to add in 2 Professor Oaks. You
> > need the Fairy/Fable line in this deck. Drop the 2 Fairys and the Fable,
> > add another three Gust of Winds. I almost always play with four Gusts,
> > matter what deck I'm using. They really come in handy. That's all you
> > need, if you ever need some help, just ask!
> >
> > -Griffin
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