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Gengar's Gang

Pokemon (18)
4x Gastly (Fossil)
2x Hunter (Fossil)
1x Hunter (Base)
2x Gengar

3x Pikachu (Jungle)
2x Richu (Fossil)
4x Electabuzz

Trainers (18)
4x Poke Traders
4x GOW
4x Bill
2x Professor Oak
2x CPU
2x Energy Retrieval

Energy (24)
11x Psychic energy
13x Lightning energy

    This deck is a bench killer. All of these Pokemon can hurt my opponents
benched Pokemon. (Except for Gastly, Hunter, and Electabuzz) Gengar's poke
power: curse helps lots. Gust of Wind is to get the hurt pokemon out to
inflict the final blow. Energy Retrieval and Gastly are used to get lost
energy. Electabuzz needs no explination.

My email is abakayla@inna.net


Sorry folks, my isp was down all last week bringing my usual update to my
garage to a complete halt. This problem has been solved so now bring to your
regularly scheduled fixes.


If you would read my entire library of fixes on my page you would find nearly
this same deck about 4 times already. Of course absolutely nobody has that
amount of time or patience (especially me) to do that. So I'll just update
the deck again. Without further ado welcome to bench destruction version...
ummm 5?


Gastly family: Just get rid of the haunter and replace them with breeders and
your golden.

Pikachu family: I'm still up in the air as to what is the better pikachu for
a bench destruction deck: movie pikachu or jungle pika? I've gone over this
many times in my head. They both have upsides and downsides to each other,
but in the end it just comes down to which raichu you're planning on using.
If you plan on sticking with the fossil raichu's you should go with the movie
pikachu's to pump them up quicker. If you plan to change to fossil pika's you
should use base set raichu's.

Electabuzz: Duh! No changes here.


Dump all the traders, one GOW, and all the energy retrievals for 4 energy
removal and 3 plus powers. Don't forget the breeders too.


The reason I took out the energy retrievals was because the 24 energy already
in the deck was enough to supply the pokemon.

No listing for this one.


With the addition of the breeders you add a great deal of speed to the deck.
Gengar is very important to this type of deck as it's pokemon power is the
decks engine (magic term: what makes the deck go!), and getting him out
quickly is of utmost importance. You may even want to consider getting
another Gengar in here if you feel like cursing more than once a turn.
The other changes to the deck are either self explanatory or already

Hope that helps.

Justusdux "Dux"