Before i start here i'd just like to let everyone know that if they ever have
a question about pokemon or need some advise (not a fix) that you can message
me on Aol instant messenger. My name is Justusdux. Now onto the fix.


Okay, please, before you just throw this deck away because of Charizard,
please just look over it thoroughly: this deck was not made by a 6-year-old
Charizard fan either. I'm 13, and Charizard is in here in the best format of
deck he can be in, and a format he is king of: Energy Manipulation by Pokemon
Power, and this type of deck is really weak only to Muk; thusly, I did put in
a way to kill the annoying pile of sludge. Please be open minded and drop
your natural bias against Charizard. You all hate Charizard, and have never
responded to this deck. Please try to be open-minded.
22 Pokemon
4 Charmander (note: when Team Rocket is out, I will replace these 'manders
with the new guys)
1 Charmeleon
2 Charizard
2 Magmar (does anyone ever use Base Set Magmar? Why even say it's
4 Bulbasaur
1 Ivysaur
2 Venusaur
2 Scyther
4 Electabuzz (Movie promo, good blocker)
Commentary: Magmar, Scyther, and Promo Electabuzz* (*this ain't a Haymaker,
y'know) are all for the setup of the game, and considering there are 8 of
these guys, it shouldn't be difficult getting 1 or 2 powered up by turn 2.
Electabuzz and Magmar are really defensive, but then, Scyther is more of a
hit 'n run, but either way it's helpful. We all now what Venusaur does for
Charizard, right? Yeah, I included Poke` Breeder for Char' and Ven', what, do
you think I'm stupid--oh wait, this deck has Charizard in it so I'm sure you
12 Trainers
2 Energy Retrieval
4 Energy Search
2 Gust of Wind
4 Pokemon Breeder
Commentary: Because the deck is of 3 Energy classes (even though Charizard is
flexible), and Energy Retrieval is for obvious reasons--hopefully you bring
back Grass Energy for Venusaur to work with, and it is more flexible that
way... even burnt Grass comes back as Grass.
26 Energy
12 Grass
8 Fire
6 Electric
Commentary: Because of 'buzz needing only 1 Electric Energy to use his Light
Screen, and 'cause of Energy Search, I only put 6 Energy of his type in the
deck. The 8 Fire is meant more for Magmar than the Char' run. Venusaur just
helps w/ Grass when the big red UNDERTAKER (not RETARD) comes out.


Yes, it's true, i HATE charizard. In fact there are rarely any stage two
pokemon that i would ever play with.
Today i thought i'd give myself a challenge though, and this deck seems to be
up to it.


You need ALOT more searching in the deck, so in come a few traders (not
computer searches for once), and maybe a few professor oaks.
Ummm, you can throw out the Hay pokemon already in place, especially that
crappy promo electabuzz, as we're going to need the space for more trainers
and another different pokemon.


Char line: The ratio's for the line are really nice. You keep that lone
charmeleon in there in case you either can't get the breeder, can't find
charizard to breed, or there's a Mew on the table.

Bulba line: Same as the Char line, nicely done again.

Magmar: Even though he's the best fire pokemon out there i have to dump him
to make room for more trainers.

Scyther: ummmm, more trainers again.

Electabuzz: Now i see how adding him would cover your @$$ when you play
against raindance, but he's really isn't that great against them in the first
place. And once again, i need more room for trainers. :)

And here's my personal touch to the deck...

Ditto: Yes, Ditto... again. Anyway, with him here you have anothe hard 
hitter (possibly) and also a way to transfer your fire energy a little bit.
I'm not certain about that ruling yet though. But until i'm proven wrong,
he's a great addition to the deck.


Ok, i already mentioned that a few oaks and traders would fine their way in
so lets examine what else i could fit in here. The rest of them you'll see in
the final version.


Add in 4 Double colorless, rip out all the electric, and throw in a couple
more grass energy.

Here's the final version.

Pokemon (17)

4 Charmander
1 Charmeleon
2 Charizard

4 Bulbasuar
1 ivysaur
2 Venusaur

3 Ditto

Trainers (20)

4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
3 Pokemon Traders
4 Pokemon Breeders
3 Switch
2 Pokemon Center (a mass healer that works wonders with Venusaur's Pokemon
2 Energy Retrieval

Energy (22)

4 Double Colorless
4 Fire energy (Just in case you you get stuck with one of the smaller chars
and need a bigger attack)
14 Grass energy


Well thats it. Only a few changes to the deck, though you might want to find
a place for a couple lasses or Gamblers because it looks like it could deck
itself very easily.

Hope that helps,

Justusdux "Dux"