Before i start here i'd just like to let everyone know that if they ever have
a question about pokemon or need some advise (not a fix) that you can message
me on Aol instant messenger. My name is Justusdux. Now onto the fix.


hey I'm Fooby a 14 year old from MA Ive been working on a deck for about

4 months and it has changed allot. The theme is destroy energy on there
pkmn and to hurt there bench while having no weekness except fighting
which my psy pkmn take care of. I think
I have a well balenced weekness and strength in my deck

Hey I have a deck that I've been trying to get reviewd all over that
place but no one will
I don't know if it need help of if it fine the way it is

4 Dratini--for dragonair
3Dragonair-get rid of energy and high attack power

4 Gastly 2 fossil 2 base--for basic
4Haunter 3 fossil 1 base--to save my self with transparency
3 Gengar------kill beched pokemon while doing damage to the active pkmn

2 revives----to bring back old basic pokemon when I have the evo card
4 ENRGY remvls--to help in reducing enegy with dragonair
4 Bills-------to help fill my bench due to the fact I have only 8 basic
4 Potions----Remove energy when I have low health Especially on my week
basic pkmn
4 Plus pwrs--aid my basic pkmn when I don't have evo cards

20 psy
4 doulbe colerless

Thank you very much

Fooby allerton


I haven't done a deck with no weakness for a while, and this one, aside from
the trainers, is pretty damn nice. Hey about that weakness thing, exactly
which pokemon of your's are weak to fighting???
It also improves your chances, for being posted, that you're from my home


Well the pokemon are pretty well though out.
Aside from bill and energy removal, the trainers are absolute crap. I'll just
start over with them.


Ok, no huge changes in the pokemon you are playing with now, aside from
getting rid of those weak, pathetic, base set versions. I may mess around
with the numbers a bit too.

There is one pokemon that i wish to place in the deck though... Ditto. Now in
the past few weeks i've been adding these into nearly every deck i fix
instead of the usual scyther that i put in. Reason being that as usefull as
scyther is with his no retreat and slash attack, Ditto can be even more
usefull with his abilty to copy any of the more expensive attacks out there
with just a couple of DCE's (i.e. psyburn, hydro pump, special punch,). He's
also alot easier to obtain than Scyther is.


Uhhh, yeah. Just look at the final version to see what i did with these. Too
many changes.

And here's that final version.

Pokemon (17)

3 Dratini
2 Dragonair

4 Gastly (Fossil)
3 Haunter (Fossil)
3 Gengar

2 Ditto

Trainers (22)

4 Bill
2 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
4 Energy Removal
4 Super Energy Removal
3 Gust of wind
2 Energy Retrieval

Energy (21)

4 Double Colorless Energy
17 Psychic Energy


The trainers are fairly easy to understand why they're there.
Now for a little strategy: Never, ever, lay down a second DCE onto Dragonair
unless you absolutely need to get rid of an energy. Reason being that if your
opponents lays a SER on you, you're gonna lose all your energy. Two DCE's on
a single pokemon just scream remove me! If you lay down a psychic first, and
then a DCE the next turn you can still use slam and Hyper beam the next turn
with another psychic energy. Now if they SER you with the DCE and two psy
energy you can still use slam the following turn provided you have another

Hope that helps,

Justusdux "Dux"

p.s. i still can't believe your name is Fooby.