Title: Electric Flame

4 Electabuzz
1 Moltres
1 Zapdos
1 Voltorb
1 Electrode
1 Pikachu
1 Raichu
3 Charmander
2 Charmeleon
2 Charizard
2 Magmar

(19 Pokemon)

Trainers:2 SER
2 Professor Oak
1 Pokemon Trader
1 Clefairy doll
3 Potions
2Gust of wind
Energy:15 Electric
17 Fire

Well,my objective is to wipe out as many pokemon as possible in a very
short time.I add in some hard hitting Pokemon and some electabuzz for
good basic pokemon.Late game
Charizard will fry other pokemon.Raichu can use agility and thunder
too.I also like
Zapdos because of it's Thunderbolt.


This deck almost made the "to bash" pile, but the four electabuzz, alone,
kept it away from there. Everything else is kinda shakey. Also, i hope those
two magmars are from fossil. They'll be fossil at the end anyway, so i guess
it really doesn't matter.


The pokemon choices aren't horrible. The trainers are. Whats with the
energy??? A deck with more than 25 energy probably isn't even worth making
anymore. I'll just replace a nice load of energy with trainers.


Electabuzz: No complaints.

Moltres: And the point of this is... what? Yeah, no idea either. He's gone.

Zapdos: I would almost consider keeping him in the deck... if he wasn't that
gawd awful base set version. Maybe one or two fossil version if i decide to
keep the electrodes in here.

Voltorb line: I'm not sure what to do with this guy. On the one hand he has a
nice attack and a great power, but on the other hand that power just isn't
pumping up a big guy unless i drag in either Fossil Zapdos. Ah well, we'll
find out later.

Pikachu line: No matter how much i love raichu, and agility, there just isn't
any room for him in this deck.

Charmander line: nah, just dump this line. It's just not worth the time.

Magmar: As long is this is the fossil version then, aside from putting in two
more, i have no problem with them.

So it looks like pikachu's line, Moltres, and charmanders line are all gone.
It looks like i'll boost up voltorb's line and replace the regualr zapdos
with two fossil versions. Lategame this deck should just rock.


After all my fixes is there really any reason to explain trainer changes? I
mean everyone that has read one of my articles know's that you're likely to
end up with my usual base set of trainers, and have a few trainers trainers
that are good in that particular deck. So in the future, unless the trainers
are massively screwed up, you wont even see a review for the trainers at all.
Maybe a little note that says whether or not your trainer choices are bad or
Oh, and here's that little note: your trainer choices are crap aside from
oak, gust, and maybe even the trader.


Yeah, there's way too much. Drop about 7-8 energy.

Anyway, here's the final version.

Pokemon (17)

4 Electabuzz

4 Voltorb (man, i can wait till rocket comes out to use that version)
3 Electrode

2 Zapdos (Fossil)

4 Magmar (Fossil)

Trainers (19)

4 Bill
2 Professor Oak
2 Computer Search
3 Scoop Up
3 Gust of Wind
3 Super Energy Removal (a little questionable, but if you only have magmar or
'buzz out there you'll thank me)
2 Item Finder

Energy (24)

14 Electric Energy
10 Fire Energy


And ta dah!! That's it. Just bash away with magmar and buzz for a few prizes
and when you need to finish off whats left, sac the electrode and go to town
with the zapdos.

Hope that helps,

Justusdux "Dux"