Hey, check this out. This letter I received states that due to exemplary
service to my profession, I have received a prestigious award. Well, imagine
that. This crate left by my office entrance must be it. I wonder what it
could be? Maybe it's a trophy or a statue. Or better yet, maybe it's a lamp
shaped like a leg!!
  Fetch my crowbar!! (Yes I keep a crowbar here. After that guy with the
Blastoise...) We'll just pry it open like so...CREEEEAK...well what have we


   What kind of a prize is a Hypno?? Where am I going to put a Hypno? What
if it eats the fish? Hold on...there's a note inside.

   "Congratulations Dr. Crash Landon upon winning Psycho..er..we mean
Psychiatrist of the Year. In order to facilitate the daily routines of
patient care, we present to you a specially trained Hypno Pokemon. It will
be able to probe deep into the patient's subconscious levels and determine
the true root of illness. It also does windows."

   Hmm. Well what say we give you a test run Hypno? I've got a patient
waiting as we speak. Let us proceed to my inner office...
   -Hypno! Hypno Hypno Hyp Hyp!-
   No, sorry, I'm out cookies. My neighbor's kid ate them all.

>Hi Dr.Crash,
>My name is Erik and I was really hoping if you can help me on my deck. 
>None of the mechanics has responded to me and I was hoping if you can help
>me.  I need to know your oppinion before Saturday becuase I have a
>tournament.  The deck is called "Evolution Stopper".  I do not have Mew in
>there because i think he isn't really good.  I admit that he has some good
>attack such as "Devolution Beam" but I think Aerodactly is good enough for
>me.  May you please respond.  Thanks a lot =]
>2 Ditto I like Ditto, he can annoy your opponent
>3 Lapras Awesome pokemon, he can confuse you for 2 energy
>3 Aerodactyl Pokemon power to shut down evolutions
>4 Scythers free retreat, good attacker, main attacker
>4 Electabuzz one of the BEST haymaker players out there
>4 Mysterious Fossil Needed for Aerodactyl
>2 Scoop up Scoop up your pokemon just incase it is needed
>2 Traders Trade for Aerodactyl ASAP
>2 Computer Search Search for anything you need such as a Ditto
>2 Professor Oaks It is Oak!!!
>2 Bills It is BILL!!!
>2 Super Energy Removal Piss your opponent more =]
>3 Energy Removal Piss off your opponent
>4 Double Colorless Energy
>10 Water Energy
>12 Lightning Energy
>The strategy is to get Aerodactly As Soon As Possible to stop all
>evolutions and have Electabuz or Scyther to finish off the little pokemon. 
>Ditto is there to change into any pokemon that he has such as MMP.  One hit
>he is dead.  Lapras is used to kill Mr. Mimes and to stall while he is out
>there if he is needed to stall that is. My problem is I do not know if my
>deck is good enough.

   Ok Erik, as you can see my new Hypno is sitting in on the session today.
He's going to read your mind to see what the problem truly is.

    HYPNO! Hypno, Hypno, Hypno Hyp Hypno.

  Ok, you seem to understand the fundamentals of solid deck building. Good.

    Hyp, Hypno Hypno.

  You've chosen strong, versatile Pokemon. Nice.

    Hypno Hypno. Hyp, Hyp Hyp Hypno.

  Your Trainers are well chosen. Hypno does feel that maybe one Computer
Search should be exchanged for an Item Finder to get back something
important. I tend to agree.

    Hypno...hyphyp, Hypno, Hypno!

  You like to wear fruit upon your head and dance the Funky Chicken while
watching Richard Simmons exercise workout videos...very interesting. Don't
come any closer.

    You have a very good deck. There is little that needs to be changed,
certainly not the Pokemon, that's for sure. Do the Item Finder thing.
    Also I think 26 Energy may be a bit high for a low cost attack deck like
this. If you lose 2 of the Electric Energy, you'll have room for 2 more
Bills, or 2 Gusts of Wind. Whichever you think would benefit you more. For
once, I'm actually going to suggest the Gusts over the Bills. I feel the
ability to turn the tables outweighs the gain of 2 random cards in this

     Because the changes were so slight, I don't need to write down the
revision. You look to be in very good shape for whatever tourney you enter.
I do apologize for not responding earlier than now, but I receive a lot of
decks, and only have so much attention in any day to fix them. I'm sorry
nobody else has responded to you either, but I cannot help that.

      Hypno, Hypno, Hyp.

     Oh, Hypno says he knows where you hid all those bodies. For a nominal
fee he'll keep quiet.
     I pronounce you cured, although you really didn't have any problem to
begin with. You can pay my secretary on the way out. She should be in a good
mood. She's an an animal lover and is tickled pink as her lipstick to have
another critter around the office to detract her from her paperwork.

      Well, Hypno. That was simple, wasn't it? I'll have to show you around
the place later on. There's a few rules. Do not taunt my secretary. She's
skilled with power tools. Don't harass my fish or I'll kill you. Avoid the
venus flytraps if you value your own head; they are ravenous this time of
the year. Never buy the meatloaf in the cafeteria. And when going to the
bathroom, always check for Blastoise tracks first. Unless you like the scent
of old salmon burritos.
      I won't need your assistance, Hypno, everyday, but I will bring you
out here and there to gain insight when I'm stumped. How's that?


    No I really don't want to play you at poker. (Stupid mind readers.)

                         Good luck!
                     Dr. Crash Landon
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