Boy did I step in it this time. I was in Pittsburgh on some personal
business a week ago and was in a hurry to catch my flight back home. At the
hotel room, my wristwatch fell into the bathroom sink while I was brushing
my teeth, and I'm afraid the watch innards got gunked up a bit.
  So while I was getting some overpriced coffee and a danish at the airport
cafeteria, I noticed a clock on a terminal wall which read 37 minutes faster
than my watch did. I frantically gathered up my belongings and made a crazed
dash for the gate. I barely made it, but couldn't remember where my ticket
was. During my search, I pulled out my wallet and a 20 dollar bill jumped
out as I checked the inside fold. Not wanting to lose a 20 spot, I bent over
to grab it and collided heads with...a Hare Krishna who had seen it too.
  Embarrased of hitting him, I smiled and let him take the money. He bowed,
gave me a silly silk flower and went back whooping and hollering to his
brethren. I soon found my ticket and was on my way home.
  This morning as I arrived to my office, to resume my practice, I was met
by 7 more Krishnas, including the same one who'd accepted my "donation". He
explained to me that my gift was the largest one they'd received in 31 years
of airport detail and after some thought, they figured my place of business
would be a much better location to spread their message of love and
pocketbook enlightenment.

   My secretary is NOT happy. She thinks one of them is an ex-boyfriend.

   I hope that the Krishnas didn't releive you of your finances too
drastically and I apologize for brining this upon everyone. Maybe I'll be
able to make it up by fixing your deck for you. Let's see this sucker
anyways...please step into the inner office.

>this is my deck. the strategy is at the end
>my deck includes:
>4x magmar (fossil)
>4x vulpix
>3x ninetails
>2x clefairy
>2x clefable
>2x jigglypuff
>2x wigglytuff
>1x pidgey
>1x pidgeotto
>1x pidgeot
>3x energy removals
>1x super energy removal
>3x energy retrieval
>2x gust of wind
>2x bill
>2x computer search
>2x professor oak
>20x fire
>3x  double colorles
>     My deck  is called the flaming 27 tailed fire deck and it has been
>doing okay lately, but I was wondering how I can improve it. my strategy is
>to hopefully start with magmar or jigglypuff. Then use bill and professor
>oak to draw the hard hitters. the searches to find the same thing.The
>removals are for delaying the oponent until I get a good card out. the
>ninetails and wiglytuffs are my main hitters while magmar either stalls to
>get good cards or starts the game.
>the clefables are for turning the oponent's strong pokemon against them.
>pidgeott line is good, but I am not sure if it works well with this deck.
>     Thanks for reading my deck. I hope you can give me some pointers on
>what to change and other stuff about my deck.By the way, I'm Ryan.
    Very well, I see why you came here, despite those shaved ninnies in the
hallway. OK, let's get cracking!

    I agree, that I can see very little reason for the inclusion of the
Pidgeot family. Especially at the ratio you've included. 1 of each evolution
in the process is a bad waste of space because you'll very rarely see them
come out in the correct order. Pull the Pidgey and his friends for 3 spaces
where you can add Trainers. You're going to need a few more Trainers by the
time you're through.

    Ninetales is a great Fire Pokemon. I think he's one of the best
available. Still for this deck, the concentration seems heavy. I'd suggest
pulling out one Vulpix and one Ninetales to reduce the family to a 3/2
lineup. This is still very solid, but gives you freedom to have other
critters too.
    The 4 Magmars are acceptable. They make a very fine opening battler and
have little negative about to speak of about them. Nuff said there!

    The Jiggly/Wiggly lineup makes for a good surprise in this deck. Where
many opponents would expect to see a typical Mono-Fire beatdown, you come
out and hit them with a colorless crusher. A very interesting strategy
indeed, one which may pay off if played well. Add one more Jigglypuff to get
this family started right. To increase "Do the Wave"'s effectiveness, many
people use a lot of Basic Pokemon. You've already got 2 evolutions-
Ninetales and Wigglytuff. Let's work on this.

    I'd drop the Clefairy/Fable line. Not that they suck, but there's
something better, kind of like Sizz'lean Bacon (For those who remember the
commercials) Adding several Ditto gives you the power to hit the opponent
with his own stuff, while not limiting yourself to the Fable's retreat cost
and HP all the time. Ditto is showing up in many winning decks. This should
be one of them. 2 Ditto should be plenty of backup for you.

   What's the commotion going on outside?? Hold on please...those Krazy
Krishnas are up to something. I don't want my secretary going off and doing
something she may who am I kidding? She has no

    OK, what's with the hooting and tambourine shaking out here? I've got a
clinic to run and your nonsense isn't helping the healing process. Huh,
noon? Is it noon? My watch is still busted. So what about noon? The "Dance
of Joy and Solicitations"? Shouldn't that be "Felicitations"? I had it right
the first time. I see. Well keep it down out here or I'll call up the
dentist down the hall to come and laughing gas you back to O'Hare
International or wherever you come from.

    Sheesh...try to run an honest place of business. OK, let us continue
with your Trainers.

     OK, first I see that you'll need 2 more Bills. This is a deck with Fire
so you're going to need to be able to draw more Energy cards to replace the
Energy that's used up. I realize that it's really only Ninetales using it
up, but it does compile to a large amount.

     The Energy Retrievals are excellent. They both support Ninetales and
make an effective counter to a popular strategy that may be used against
     The Oaks and the Computer Searches are both in the proper amounts for
this deck as well.
     The Energy Removals are where I'd make some improvements. Ninetale's
Lure is one of the most underrated moves in the game. An excellent maneuver
is to use several Energy Removals and then Lure out a helpless Pokemon,
giving him a good Fire Blast for an easy prize. Step up your deck by adding
2 more Super Energy Removals. If played properly, you can handle the Energy

     To further help your cause, especially after clearing out some room
that Pokemon had occupied earlier, we can add some other Trainers that were
left out. 1 Item Finder is definitely in order here. It's versatile,
powerful and can make or break a good play.
     I'd suggest 2 Switches. Some Mechanics don't care for this card, but
since you're already dumping Energy from Fire Blast and SER's, there's no
reason to lose any more. Switch is a prudent move in thsi deck.
     Finally I'd add in 2 Mr. Fuji's. He's actually a bit better than a
Scoop Up in my opinion. Fuji will recycle your Pokemon AND Energy, extending
the lifetime of your deck. The only drawback: Fuji won't work on an Active
Pokemon. I can live with that, and most others can too.

    The last topic is Energy. Your Energy count was actually very close to
the bullseye. 23 Energy is a good amount for a deck like this. Not too much,
not too little. The only minor change: Add in one more Double Colorless
Energy in exchange for a Fire. The Dittos and Wigglytuffs will thank you.

     Oooh I'd better make this quick...I can tell by the haevy, pressurized
clacking on the typewriter that my secretary is getting very peeved at the
Krishnas and their hallway hootnanny. Let me reveiw your deck's final
contents and we can go calm her down...well I can try to calm her down. You
can run.

      4 Magmars (Fossil)
      3 Vulpices (This is the plural of Vulpix. I looked it up.)
      2 Ninetales
      2 Dittos
      3 Jigglypuffs
      2 Wigglytuffs

      4 Bills
      2 Professor Oaks
      3 Energy Removals
      3 Super Energy Removals
      2 Computer Searches
      2 Gusts of Wind
      1 Item Finder
      2 Switches
      2 Mr. Fujis

      4 Double Colorless Energy
      19 Fire Energy

      Voila!! This deck is cured!! It should run with very few problems.
While not following any of the traditional archtype patterns, this is
nonetheless a very solid deck, capable of even giving Raindance or Damage
Swap a good run. Beware of Potpourri decks, they could have the capacity to
hit you while you're still setting up shop, which honestly should not take
that long in this deck. Magmar and Ditto will give you some help there.
Sometimes the best decks are the ones that don't follow any given archetype,
taking everyone by surprise. You don't need a popular formula to be

     I'd better chceck on my secretary before she figures out where I hid
her crossbow and bolts....WHAT??

     Everything's fine? She's cool and collected. And...and...the Hare
Krishans have moved on? But how? I thought once they set up shop, you were
cursed for a seeming eternity. She must have pulled a fast one on
them....all right fess up toots. What did you do to those poor pacifists??

     ROTFLMAO.....oh that WAS good. Get this...she gave them a check for
$100 made out in Satoshi's name. I guess they'll be plaguing his Pokemon
shop from now on...not my office.

      In case anyone has wondered....THIS is why I keep my secretary around.
Beyond all the attitude, she's occasionally a lifesaver. If only she could
fix my wristwatch....

                      Good Luck!!!!

                   Dr. Crash Landon

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