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From: MarcPkm65@aol.com
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000 19:11:49 EST

>Hey,Aaron,first i'll give you my deck...
>VenaCenters's Explosion
>4 Bulbasaurs
>3 Ivysaurs
>2 Venasaurs
>4 Exeggcute
>3 Exegutor
>4 Syther
>3 Bill
>3 Proffessor Oak
>3 Computer Search
>3 Pokemon Center
>2 Item Finder
>22 Grass Energy
>4 Double Collorless Energy
>You see,you dont see many of these around anymore,huh? WELL,my stategy is...
>Start with Scyther and slash away,and try to get out Venasaur and Exeggutor
>Transfer all the energy to him,(DCE is also very helpfull for 2 flips),and
>Big Explosion away. Pokemon Center is good for healing your Pokemon while
>getting your combu out,and with Venasaur you dont have to discard energy. I
>have'nt played it yet,but,it looks good on paper. Thanks for your help.


Why don't more people play Grass?

Grass decks are fun!
Grass decks are cute!
Energy Trans/Exeggutor has been known to rock a house party 'till he's old and grey! 

Ahem...sorry 'bout that!

Seriously though, a tweaked version of this deck would be a whole lot of fun to play.  As stated above so eloquently, Exeggutor can deal a ton of damage with Big Eggsplosion and a little help from Energy Trans.  Energy Trans also goes over well with Pokemon Center, the look on your opponents face alone is worth it!

Here's my "fix"

4 Bulbasaur
3 Ivysaur
2 Venasaur
4 Exeggcute
3 Exeggutor
4 Scyther

4 Bill
3 Oak
3 Computer Search
3 Gust of Wind
2 Pokemon Center
2 Lass

19 Grass

I backed off the energy a bit...your card drawing will ensure you draw enought early on and Energy Trans gives you more than enough in the late game.  With that room I added Gust of Wind and Lass for disruption.  I have Scott to thank for teaching me about Lass... It's just too flexible.  It's easy to drop all your trainers on turn 1 and follow with a Lass on your opponent... rendering their hand empty of tricks!  Lass can even recycle cards back into your deck, usefull to replenish your draw pile so not to deck yourself! 

My final grade on this deck is a "B"...due to the weakness to fire.  If Fire isn't played much in your area, I think you'd have a great time playing this deck, and that's what's most important!(check rule #1!)

Hope this helps...have fun!