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From: PinnerofMastic@cs.com
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000 20:33:23 EST

>  Hey Aaron,
> I am working on one of my favorite type of decks, a Wigglytuff Haymaker. 
>Personally, I think this is a really good deck but I wasn't totally sure so I
>thought you could tell me if its tournament worthy.
>The decks name is " Turbo Tuff "
>  Pokemon:17
>  Trainers:22
>3xComputer Search
>2xEnergy Retrieval
>  Energy:21
>17xFighting Energy
>  The strategy is like any other Wiggly Hay.  Get a full bench as soon as possible and power a Wigglytuff too then do an easy 60 damage each turn.  There are a lot of fighting resistant pokemon though, should I replace them with something else.
>     Thanx for reviewing my deck!!


Bravo!  Grade A!

My job would be so easy if all decks sent to me looked like this!  I wouldn't dream of changing one thing (Ok, Scoop Up is better than Switch and there should be 4 Hitmonchan but big deal).  The thing that imresses me most is not that it's a Wigglytuff deck...we all know Wigglytuff can win on turn 2...nothing new.  What is impressive is the the way the chosen Pokemon compliment each other.  Jigglytuff's resistance to Psychic makes up for the Hitmo brothers weakness to it, and then Syther makes Jigglypuff's weakness to Fighting much easier to manage!  If you play this deck you'll find there are few weaknesses to speak of and should be a very fun deck to play!

Hope this helps...have fun!