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From: BREND13@aol.com
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 22:10:20 EST

>Hey Aaron,
My deck is alright but I know it needs some tweeking I think my
pokemon number is too high but I don't know what to take out if you can help me with this It would really help Thanks
>   Energy
>12 psychic energy
>11 fire energy
>3 double colorless energy
>   Pokemon
>2 chansey
>1 kangaskhan
>2 mr. mime
>1 magmar
>1 movie promo mewtwo
>3 charmander
>2 charmeleon
>1 charizard
>3 abra
>2 kadabra
>1 alakazam
>     Trainers
>2 scoop up
>4 super energy removal
>3 energy removal
>4 gust of wind
>2 energy retrieval
>thanks for your help :)'ya later
>           Brendan


Ah!  A common problem among some of my students... they know my deck building rules but are unsure what to do to fix decks that aren't up to par!

Brendan hits the nail right on the head...too many Pokemon!  When in doubt, take out the weakest ones!  Seems simple but works just fine 9 times out of 10.  In this case I'd say the Char line needs to receive the boot!  By removing the fire we now have a Psychic deck that's ready to go with few other changes.  Chansey and 'Khan combo well with both Scoop Up and Damage Swap... and Mewtwo and Mr. Mime serve beatings!

Here's my "fix"

3 Chansey
1 Kangaskhan
3 Promo Mewtwo
2 Mr. Mime
4 Abra
3 kadabra
2 Alakazam

4 Scoop Up
4 Energy Removal
4 Bill
3 Pokemon Trader
2 Professor Oak
2 Lass
1 Gambler

18 Psychic
4 Double Colorless Energy

The final deck can now easily go Stall or Attack...given the situation.  I really think Damage Swap combo's awesome with an active Mewtwo... Swaping damage off Mewtwo makes him downright indestructible as he's virtually immune to Energy Removal! 

Hope this helps...have fun!

Final Note:  Sorry about giving Charizard the shaft again... I really want to post a good fix on my garage using Charizard.  Hopefully someone will send in a decent deck with the Big Red Retard soon! =)