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From: Richard Ross <pokerich_1986@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 14:51:39 -0800 (PST)

>Hello Aaron! If you would P L E A S E give me a little
>help with my deck? It's actually pretty good, but I
>still can't beat my friend who has a "Loser" Stall
>Deck! I always run out of cards! I try and try, but it
>just ALWAYS happens!!!
>Anyway here is my deck:
> Poke'mon
>2x Blastoise
>2x Wartortle ( In case I can't find my Breeders)
>4x Squirtle
>2x Gyarados (All I can find)
>3x Magikarp
>2x Dewgong (In for the Gyarados's)
>3x Seel
>2x Articuno
> Trainers
>4x Bill
>2x Professor Oak
>4x Energy Retrieval
>2x Poke'mon Breeder
>2x Gambler
> Energy
>28x Water Energy
> Strategy
>Of course same as any Raindance Deck, use Blastoise to
>pile on the energies and do some major damage with
>Blastoise, Dewgong, Gyarados, or Articuno! All have
>the capability of doing 50 damage a turn, Blastoise
> Question
>Why does everyone think Wartortle is so terrible? I
>mean for 1 Water energy and 2 Colorless he can do 40
>Damage! Blastoise has to have all water energies to do
>his! So it comes out...
> Blastoise              Wartortle
>===========            ===========
>3W 40 Damage           1W 2C 40 Damage
>I just wanted to know what you thought about
>Thank you for taking time to look at my deck. If you
>or anyone else has any suggestions please e-mail
>Pokerich_1986@Yahoo.com . Please post this in your
>deck garage as well.
>Richard Ross
>See Ya,
>                                      Richard

It's plain to see your friend is pure evil and must be punished!  While we here at Aaron's School of Pokemon don't advocate physical violence, we are always first in line to serve up a beating... Pokemon Style!!

Richard has a common problem, why does my deck run out of cards??? The why is simple...cause you didn't draw your 6 prizes in time.  The tricky part is fixing the problem.  Don't be fooled!!! Taking card drawing out of your deck will NOT give you a beter chance of beating a stall deck, you need those extra cards to overwhelm your opponent EARLY in the game.  The key to beating those stall decks is to make your deck more offensive!!!

How can we make this deck more offensive?  This deck sent in runs 28 Water Energy as well as 4 Energy Retrieval...too much!  All that energy is gumming up your hand when it could be cards to help finish off your opponent!  Richard is also going to need to invest in 2 more Blastoise to make his deck run more effectively, trust me when I say it's money well spent!  They don't call the deck "RainDance" for nothin'...

Here's my "fix"

4 Squirtle
1 Wartortle
4 Blastoise
3 Articuno
3 Seel
2 Dewgong
2 Lapras

4 Bill
4 Professor Oak
4 Computer Search
4 Plus Power
4 Pokemon Breeder
2 Gust of Wind

19 Water Energy

Now that this deck can generate Blastoise more often and more quickly you will have a much easier time "RainDancing" lots of energy onto a heavy hitter very early so you can serve up the beats!  Speed is the KEY!  If you are running low on Energy don't be afraid to use those Bills and Oaks...that's why they're in there!!! 9 times out of 10 you'll probly find yourself using Computer Search to find another Oak to keep your hand full!  The addition of Plus Power is always a good idea whenever you want to help your deck cause more damage.

This new RainDance is SURE to lay the smack down on those rudy poo Stall Decks  =)

Hope this helps...have fun!