>Hey, Aaron! I was reading over one of your articles and had a question.(I've
>posted somewhere around 4-5 killer deck reports on the pojo and won four
>tourneys undefeated, so I don't need any additional help, just wanted some
>advice to see if this would make my deck even better.....THANKS!)
>    OK, I am currently playing my deck- Extinction Revitalized- and saw your
>article on Scoop-ups and Hitmonchans. I thought it might make my deck better
>than ever, but i wanted the advice of a proven pojo deck mechanic, so here's
>my deck:
>12 Fighting
>4 Hitmonchan
>10 Electric
>4 Electabuzz
>4 Double Colorless Energy
>3 Chansey
>4 Scyther
>4 Energy Removal
>4 Super Energy Removal
>4 G.O.W.
>4 Bill
>2 Oak
>1 Energy Retrieval
>My strategy is to get a prize advantage and then once it's there, JUMP ON IT
>using Chansey's Double-Edge. More strategy for my decks is in my reports on
>the Pojo Killer Deck Reports under fighting/Psychic or Fighting/Electric
>under the name Extinction.
>Ok, thanks for reading it and please reply soon!
>Robby Haught- thejabronikid14@hotmail.com

Ah, always good to see my teachings are helping you guys!!!

Yes, I think this deck could be greatly improved by Scoop Up.  As stated in my article recently on strategy, Scoop Up is an excellent card in conjunction with Hitmonchan due to his low energy attacks and high HP!  This works just a nicely with Electabuzz.... Scoop Up makes both of these guys high retreat cost much more manageable!! 

I always feel like the "Soup Nazi" when I Scoop Up all those damage counters and rob my opponent of a prize... "NO SOUP FOR YOU!!!"

Here's how I'd squeeze Scoop Up into this deck...

4 Hitmonchan
4 Electabuzz
3 Scyther
3 Chansey

4 Bill
4 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Gust of Wind
3 Scoop Up
2 Professor Oak
2 Computer Search

8 Electric Energy
10 Fighting Energy
3 Energy Retrieval

Scoop Up simply makes this deck better!  One more Killer Deck compliments of Aaron's School on Pokemon. 

Hope this helps...have fun!