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From: KAG43065@aol.com
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 22:26:27 EST

>                           Hello, Aaron! By the deck's name you should have
>figured this is a mono-electric deck.I really enjoy reading your fixes and
>decided to send a deck to you.So here it is.
>4 League Promo Pikachu - high HP and good attacks
>3 Base Raichu - agility is a good time(and Mime)killer and thunder downs most
>4 Electabuzz - you all know why he's here
>3 voltorb - for evolution only! will replace with TR voltorb when it comes out
>2 Electrode - can charge for a second turn thunder attack.faints Blastoise in
>one hit
>3 Doduo - needed fighting resistance and good evolution
>2 Dodrio - lowers all but Electabuzz's retreat to zero and rage is a good
>2 Gust of Wind - helps me get to the Blastoise or an unpowered Hitmonchan
>2 Professor Oak - (see Electabuzz)
>2 Pokemon Trader - Helps me get that Raichu even faster
>3 Defender - good against fighting decks.stops Electabuzz's self-damage and  
>                minimizes Raichu's
>3 Pluspower - agility deals low damage and helps thunder take Big Basics in
>                                      shot
>4 Energy Removal - to remove their bench energy while their active faints
>21 Electric Energy
>2 Double Colorless energy
>Strategy: The stategy is to get Raichu and power him up early while hitting
>them hard with whoever I get(hopefully Electabuzz).I then put out Raichu and
>destroy them with thunder.This deck can destroy a raindance.Electabuzz helps
>with Haymaker since he is one.Also growl,agility,thundershock,and defender
>can slow them down. Agility and thundershock takes care of Mime.Electrode is
>the choice against raindance since he takes them down in one hit without the
>extra twenty damage to yourself like thunder.I forgot to mention that
>Electrode is base set.His Pokemon Power is good for enegy droughts and can
>quickly power up a Raichu for attacking. Dodrio on the bench reduces all
>Pokemons' retreat to zero and Electabuzz to one. Everyone retreats for free
>with both on bench and is the Pokemon of choice against heavy fighting
>decks.I almost put in Base Zapdos or Scyther but didn't want to give up
>Electrode.The Double Colorless Energy powers up Dodrio quickly and can help
>Electabuzz retreat early in the match.
>                            I have two questions for you.One of them is....
>How good is my deck? And do you have any helpful suggestions?      


Ah, a Fun deck!  Electric decks are good right now...very few cards are resistant to Electric and the weakness to Fighting isn't that bad since no one is playing too much Fighting lately!  A few tweaks can make this deck a fun, Killer deck!

my "Fix"

4 Electabuzz
4 Promo Pikachu
3 Base Raichu
3 Doduo
2 Dodrio
2 Chansey

4 Energy Removal
4 Bill
3 Pokemon Trader
2 Professor Oak
4 Defender
3 Gust of Wind

18 Electric

"The best offense is a good Defense"
An unorthodox strategy for an offensive deck...but one that could really work!  Since you know you will always be attacking with your electric Pokemon, Defender and Retreat aid will give you optimal useage out of them!  Defender gets in double duty with 'Buzz and Chansey by preventing damage from both their attacks, and then the opponents!  Gust of Wind helps optimize your attacks by finishing off Pokemon your opponent retreats, and the traders help build your 2 evolution lines quicker!

Hope this helps...have fun!