>Hey!! My name is Ryan and I have a new deck. This deck is a speedrill deck.
>use drawing cards to get out my beedrills. I have been getting trouble with
>my friends haymaker and i would like to make this deck kinda having an
>advantage to him. I was wondering if you could please help me?I also can't
>decide which basic helpers would do this deck good? Chans, laprases, or fos
>4 weedles
>2 kakunas
>4 beedrills
>4 Chans, or laprases, or fos magmars
>3 farfetch'd or tauros(i have 0 sycthers)
>4 bills
>3 oaks
>3 comp. searches
>4 energy retrievals
>3 super en. removals
>3 scopp ups
>12 grass
>8 fighting, or water, or fire
>3 doubles(all i have)
>Thanks dream,
>e-mail me at dream8798@aol.com
ehe, not bad, but you have some silly mistakes in here.  For one thing,
you're going 4/2/4 on Beedrill... does that make any sense?  That's 2
Beedrill that you KNOW going into your game you won't be able to get out. 
You'll want to up that to 4/4/3 or 4/4/4, preferably with Breeders making up
the middle spots.

Obviously, try to get some Scyther.  You might also want some Pinsir,
because it's just a nice damage dealer.  As for a powerhouse from another
colour... hm, I'd actually suggest Electabuzz if you can get some.  I know
it's not one of those you listed, but it has cheap, powerful attacks.  You
could do fine with just 6 Lightning E in your deck if you used 3 Electabuzz.

Try adding another Oak, you'll find the card drawing useful.  It's more
useful than ERetrieval, really... you get some E most likely, along with
some other cards.  I'd also suggest at least 2 ItemFinders... you can drop a
CompSearch to make some room.

For energy, try going with 10 Grass E, 6 Lightning E, and 4 DCE (try to get
another, obviously).  20 should be MORE than enough, with all the card
drawing in here.  With any extra card slots, put in some more good trainers.
  I really like Rocket Sneak Attack, and there are some other good things
out there as well.  Nice job here, and good luck.