Okay, I know rainbow decks don't work, but this one does, so wait a minute
and read this before you delete it.  This deck has many different pokemon,
you can play on your opponents weaknesses.  The reason it works is that all
the pokemon in it can use any energy type for at least one attack.  I don't
battle in official tournaments, so I use japanese cards whether you're
allowed to or not, and use spoiler lists to translate them.  I'll give you a
brief description of  what they do, so you know why they're there.  I have a
fairly large collection (who am I kidding, 916 cards isn't fairly large) so
feel free to tell me to put super rare cards in.  One last thing, Idon't
discarding if I can help it, so please don't tell me to put in oaks.
    Okay, here it is, my working rainbow deck.

23 pokemon
2 ponyta
4 charmander
3 charmeleon
4 grimer
2 paras
1 parasect
1 scyther
2 voltorb
1 electrode (jungle)
1 magmar (neo) (70hp, 1st attack is tail attack, 2 of any e for 20 damage,
2nd attack requires fire e, retreat cost of  2)
1 guraiga (#207) (neo) (2nd attack, slash, 2 of any e for 20 damage, retreat
cost is 0)
1 kirinki (#203) (1st attack 2 of any e for 10 damage agility, retreat cost
of 1)

31 energys
2 d.c.e.
2 full heal energy
27 of any basic energy

6 trainers
1 pokedex
1 full heal
1 manners (if you have no basics in your hand, show it to your opponent,
take a basic from your deck, show it to your opponent, put it in your hand,
and shuffle your deck)
2 pokeball
1 recycle

    Well thats my deck, and please try to fix it up. I don't know how good
is because I've only battled it against my other decks, but it seems okay.
Any suggestions you could give would be helpful.
Look.  You say rainbow decks don't work, and you're right... you then
proceed to give me another crappy rainbow deck to look at.  Let's look here
at your Pokemon/Energy/Trainers ratio: looks like 23/31/6.  That's not good,
okay?  That's just... not... good.

One of the 6 trainers you use is Pokedex.  One is Recycle.  2 are pokeballs.
  1 is Full Heal.  One is japanese, and hence grounds for immediate
deletion.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  That's right, none of these are
good!  Even if they were good, they would be useless in the minute
quantities you've included.

Energy!  Way too much of it!  When over half of your deck is energy, that's
a Bad Sign(tm).  I'm not even gonna go into the "any colour" energy...

Okay, some of your pokemon are okay.  Others are from NEO... um.  Again, you
just don't have the quantites necessary to make this work.

I'm getting a headache, and I'm in a bad mood.  I'm gonna stop right here,
and save everyone some grief.

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