Hi Souper. I would like you to fix my deck if you can. It is called the Dragon Cannon Deck.
4 Rocket Magicarp
2 Gyarados
1 Dark Gyarados
4 Squirtle (2 Rocket and 2 Base)
2 Dark Wartortle
1 Dark Blastoise
2 Wartortle
1 Blastoise
3 Dratini (2 Base and 1 Rocket)
2 Dark Dragonair

3 Challenge!
3 Nightly Garbage Run
3 Gust of Wind
3 Potion

2 Full Heal Energy
24 Water Energy
The strategy of this deck is to stall with either Gyarados or Dark Gyarados until you get Dark Blastoise beefed up. You use Dark Dragonair's PoK镸oN Power to search for Wartortle, Dark Wartortle, Blastoise, Or Dark Blastoise. Full Heal Energy incase on paralysis, confusion, sleep, or poison.

Please fix my deck. Thank you for your time.



Interesting to see a Water deck that's not a Raindance. It does have some problems, though, the main being too many Pok閙on and too few Trainers.


You've got a few too many families here. Gyarados, Blastoise, and Dragonair is a bit heavy. With Dragonair pulling out Evolutions, you could probably get by with just Blastoise. Let's drop the Gyarados family. Let's throw in three Lapras, as basics are usually more reliable starters than evolutions. I'd take the Dragonairs up to 4/4, since he'll get your evolutions. With that in mind, I'd go with two of Each Blastoise.


With only two families, you can probably get the basics you want without Challenge. Potions aren't great, either. Let's drop the Potion, Challenge, and one Gust of Wind and add four Bill and three Prof. Oak. Let's add a couple Energy Retrieval and two Computer Search, too. Once Dragonair is out, you can quickly build up your team. Let's add three Lass. Dragonair will make you a little less reliant on Trainers, so Lass works fairly well.


Not much use for the Colorless, since Dragonair is basically a benchwarmer. Let's take those out, and take out three Water to get you back to 60.
Pok閙on (23)
3 Lapras
4 Squirtle
2 Dark Wartortle
2 Dark Blastoise
2 Wartortle
2 Blastoise
4 Dratini 
4 Dark Dragonair

Trainers (19)
4 Bill
3 Oak
2 Com. Search
3 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Gust of Wind
2 Energy Retrieval
3 Lass

Energy (18)
18 Water Energy

Card drawing to get Dragonair out, Dragonair searches for evolutions.  you can then get 
Blastoise and Dk Blastoise and start dealing damage.  Good luck!

~ Souper ~