Pokemon - 20 
3x Bulbasaur 
2x Venusaur 
3x Nidoran(male) 
2x Nidoking 
3x Scyther 
3x Base Dratini 
2x Dark Dragonair 
2x Dark Dragonite 

Trainers - 18 
4x Pokemon Breeder 
3x Bill 
2x The Boss's Way
2x Computer Search
3x Nightly Garbage Run
2x Gust of Wind
2x Item Finder

Energy - 22
18x Grass Energy
4x Double Colorless Energy

After the release of Team Rocket, I've been wondering how the new Dratini family would work in the old Overgrowth Theme. I decieded to cut out the water families since I will have a colorless line and replace the Beedrill family for the Psychic weak Nidoking weakness. Now you can use The Boss's Way to get Dark Dragonair, Dark Dragonair to get any evolutions, and Dark Dragonite to get the basics. Always keep a NGR in your hand to avoid running out of evolutions. Because their attacks are less than good, Dark Dragonair and Dragonite will spend most of their time warming the bench. I haven't taken it out into a tournement and just was wanting to test my deck making skills. I would like any input you could provide, thanks.

-------- Jason



The idea is very solid, but even with the dragon family, you're pretty heavy in evolutions. The idea and deck looks pretty good, though, assuming you can get Dragonair out. Dragonair can search for Dragonair and Dragonite, who get Dratinis, Dratinis become Dragonairs which search for your evolutions, and Dragonite can get their basics... You get the idea.


You definitely need more Dark Dragonair. Once he comes out you have access to all your Pok閙on. Let's add another Dratini and two Dark Dragonair. Instead of breeders, which must be drawn or found with Trainers, use Stage 2's, that can be searched for. Add two Ivysaur.

You've got too many Stage 2's here, and you won't have enough room for Trainers. Take out the Nidoking family for the Venomoth family. Cheap attack, nice HP and free retreat cost make this a good choice. Make it 3/2.


This deck is extremely reliant on combos. Therefore, it's imperative dragonair gets out as soon as possible, so you can power up your evolutions. Venusaur makes it possible to dish out heavy damage quickly with Energy Transfer. So, the first thing to do is get Dratini and Dark Dragonair out. Let's take out the Breeders and add three Oak and two Mr. Fuji to get hurt evolutions back into the deck. Lastly, since we don't have much room for Energy right now, take out the two Itemfinder.


Since the dragons will only need to attack in a pinch, and Scyther's the only other thing that uses DCE (as well as retreat costs), make it three DCE and 15 Grass.
Pokemon (25 [ouch!]) 
3 Bulbasaur 
2 Ivysaur
2 Venusaur
3 Venonat
2 Venomoth  
3 Scyther 
4 Base Dratini 
4 Dark Dragonair 
2 Dark Dragonite 

Trainers (17) 
3 Prof. Oak
3 Bill
2 Mr. Fuji
2 The Boss's Way
2 Computer Search
3 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Gust of Wind

Energy (18)
15 Grass Energy
3 Double Colorless Energy
It's still very heavy in Pok閙on, but once Dragonair gets out and you a few Energy on the board, it should work. The only problem is that, because the evolutions take up so much room, that your only big basic Pok閙on is Scyther. Speed decks could mean trouble, and you may have to sacrafice an active Dratini, Venonat, or Bulbasaur. Good luck!

~ Souper ~