Hi, my name is DJ and of course my deck needs help! Bad. First of all I need a way to get rid of those stupid Hitmonchan. If I don't get Scyther out on first or second turn I'm tost. Thats how I got out in a tornament.


x3 Scyther
x2 mime
x3 Buzz
x4 Magmar (fossil)
x4 Lickatung

x2 promo mewtwo

x4 Bill
x2 Oak
x4 Plus power
x1 Poke Trader
x2 gust
x1 Comp search
x2 item finder


x7 Fire
x8 Electric
x8 Phy
x4 Fighting
x2 D.C.E


At first glance it appears to be another Haymaker... Look harder, though. Four colors! That's a humongous no-no. And, why four Fighting? Nothing needs it! The types need to be decided and the Trainers could use a little tweaking.


First thing to do here is figure out what colors you want. Three colors can have advantages, but you're a lot more vulnerable to Energy Crisis, situations where you don't have enough of the right Energy to attack. Let's drop Lightning, and here's why: first, it's your smallest color, consisting of three Pok閙on. Also, those Pok閙on are weak to Hitmonchan, whom you said you have problems with. That'll get rid of the Fighting weakness and take you down to two colors, so drop Buzz. Next, I don't like Lickitung here. High retreat cost and low damage don't really fit the Haymaker theme, and it's also got another Fighting weakness. Drop those Lickitung and add another Mewtwo.


Add another Com. Search and take out the Trader. You've got no evolutions, so you can usually get the Pok閙on you need. One SER won't cut it, add four ER, another SER, two Lass, and two Scoop Up.


Take Fire up to nine, and drop Fighting and Lightning since nothing needs them. Take Psychic up to ten and add one more Double Colorless.
Pokemon (12)
3 Scyther
3 Movie Mewtwo
2 Mr. Mime
4 Magmar (F)

Trainers (26)
4 Bill
2 Prof. Oak
4 Pluspower
4 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal
2 Gust of Wind
2 Com. search
2 Itemfinder
2 Scoop Up
2 Lass

Energy (22)
9 Fire
10 Psychic
For once, one of the biggest problems in the deck was Energy. Two colors is a lot more stable, and the Fighting Energy was pointless in this deck. It should be more balanced, and work better against Hitmonchan. Good luck!

~ Souper ~