I need help with my deck. It's called Power Surge and every time I send it in it never gets posted. It uses pokemon that deal bench damage. Fossil Zapdos, Jungle Electrode, and others. Electabuzz is used for support and Magneton for Selfdestruct. The reason I need help is because I lost a tournament with it. Thank you for your time. adilts@plv3.innercite.com
             By: Aaron Dilts
Magnemite x 4
Magneton x 3
Electabuzz x 2
Fossil Zapdos x 4
Rocket Voltorb x 4
Electrode x 2
Jungle Electrode x 2
Bill x 4
Prof. Oak x 3
Energy Removal x 3
Lass x 2
Electric Energy x 28
The first thing I notice about this deck is a lack of trainers and an excess of energy.  Both problems will get fixed.  First, lets look at the Pokemon.  14 basics, 7 evolutions.  Everything seems mostly in order except for a few things.  Drop the two Jungle Electrodes and make them Electabuzz - it's just better.  Next, drop a Fossil Zapdos in favor of a 3rd regular Electrode.  You might want to find a place for 2 or so Scythers if you get the chance also.

With the Energy, drop about 9 of it and go to 18.  You'll need the 10 slots for trainers

With Trainers, let's add in a few goodies, because you card drawing is well in place.  Let's up the Energy Removal to 4, add in 1 Energy Retrieval, 2 Nightly Garbage Runs, 2 Computer Search, and 2 Item Finders, and 2 Gust of Wind.  This will give you some more versatility in your deck.

Try out this version for a while and see how it runs.  There are more changes that can be made, but we don't want to be too drastic - just get these and work on it some more later!