hey I just came back from a tournament and got 2 place I really don't know whats wrong with my deck can you help me
4 Scyther
4 Jigglypuff
4 Wigglytuff
3 Hitmonchans
15 Pokemon
4 Pluspower
4 Potion
4 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
2 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Bills
2 Gust of Winds
2 Computer Search
2 Professor Oak
25 Trainers
16 Fighting Energys
4 Double Colorless Energys
 Congrats on getting 2nd place - now let's tune the deck up to a first place finish.

The first thing I am noticing is a lack of card drawing.  Wigglytuff decks need to be able to run through cards very quick.  We're going to add in 1 Computer Search, 2 Professor Oaks, and 2 Bills to you deck.  To accommodate, we're going to pull the potions and one of the fighting energy.  Speaking of fighting energy, you just have too much.  You could stand to cut about 3 more, going down to 16 total energy.  In their place, but 2 Energy Retrieval and 1 Item Finder.  This may sound kinda mad, but I like Item Finder a lot - enough to cut 1 Super Removal and 1 PlusPower to go to 3. 

With Pokemon, first I think you don't need to have 4 Wigglytuff - 3 should suffice.  Use this to be your 4th Computer Search - such a vital card in this deck. 

Here you have a control tuff deck that should serve you pretty well.  Good luck to you in the future.