Hi, i am a begginer and played with my friends deck for a while, he wanted
me to try pokemon so i liked it, and using his deck i use to come in the
finals or semifinals usually losing to him, so i wanted to create a new deck
that would beat him, pleez help me tweek up my deck so it would defeat him
and help me win some tourneys,
My Deck

3 MP Mewtwos{hitmonchan killers}
3 Hitmonchan{electabuzz killer}
3 Scythers{hitmonchan killer and a cool all-around card for any situation)
2 Dittos{if any collosus pokemon[blastoise or wigglys}

2 Pro Oaks
3 Bills
2 Nightly Garbage Runs{for stall decks}
2 Scoop ups
2 Com Searches
2 Item Finders
2 GOWs
2 ERs
2 SERs
4 Plus Powers
2 switches
1 Energy Retreival

10 Psychic
10 Fighting
2 Rainbow Energy{for scythers sword dance}

Thats my outline of my deck, i think it's 60 cards, pleez help me
E-mail at future_trunks23@hotmail.com
C ya

Actually, it's 63 cards.  That's okay, though - we will fix this.  First of all, your Pokemon base is a little scary.  If you are in a Promo Mewtwo heavy environment, life could be rough on you if they can get powered first.  It's for this reason that your trainers will be changing a bit.

First of all, your Pokemon base looks fine, just leave it as is.

Your energy is WAY too high.  At 26, you're running about 7-8 more than you need.  Let's cut it down like this:

6 Psychic Energy
6 Fighting Energy
2 Rainbow Energy

This leaves you at 18, which will be enough

31 trainers is our goal here.  You have 26 right now, which means we have 5 slots.  First, go to 4 Oaks and 4 Bills.  This leaves 2 slots.  Drop the PlusPowers, and go to 4 Item Finder and 4 Comp Search.  We still have 2 slots.  Kill the switches and got to 3 Scoops.  This leaves us 3 slots.  Add in a retrieval, a Garbage run, and an ER to round out the deck. 

This deck should do a lot better for you, allowing you to go through your cards faster and deal out more damage quicker.