*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Welcome back to the Shop. Please try to avoid the holes in the
wall...Odariu and Blastoise are having some...problems getting along. Odariu
wants to help in the Code Center, but Blastoise claims he was here first, so
it is rightfully his and his only. One thing has led to another, and now
they won't talk to each other. Poor Arcanine is the go-between for their
argument, and I'm just hoping they don't get mad and take it out on
him...poor Arcanine is very allergic to water. Let's see the deck, shall we?
I'm proposing you another international deck fix. Are you happy? ;-)
Well, I live in Italy, so I don't have any chance to put my filthy hands
on Jungle, Fossil or TR cards. Lucky, eh?
Well, I tried to put up a deck with the goal to be equally strong (and
weak) with anyone in my metazone.
Since I dislike electric pokemon (they're pretty weak in base set) and I
don't trust absolutely their power, I started with water. Then, due to
some missing cards, I decided do make a blue-purple deck.
here it is

3 x Abra
2 x Kadabra
2 x Jynx
1 x Mewtwo (not a promo... sigh)
3 x Poliwag
2 x Poliwhirl
1 x Poliwrath
3 x Squirtle
2 x Wartortle
2 x Magikarp
1 x Gyarados

16 x Water Energy
10 x Psychic Energy

3 x Energy Removal
2 x Bill
3 x Potion
2 x Gust of Wind
2 x Switch
2 x Energy Retrieval

I am sure this deck needs a great fix..... the main strategy is to find
some good starters (Squirtle, Jynx, Abra even if it has 30 HP) to take
some turns waiting for my main butchers, Kadabra, Gyarados, Wartortle,
It may not seem, but in my metazone I've beaten the popular(at least
here) zap decks several times. Anyway tell me anything that could
improve my deck, don't forget I can't have Fossil/Jungle/TR cards, but I
have access to every base set card.
SATOSHI: Hmmm...a deck with only Base cards...challenging.
Hmmm...let's narrow this down to 2 or 3 families. I like the idea of the
Squirtle family minus the Blastoise; many people look right past Wartortle
and fail to notice that he is a very able fighter. Take out the Magikarp and
add in another Squirtle and Wartortle. Now, take out Gyarados, Poliwag,
Poliwhirl, and the Poliwrath for a 4-3 Seel/Dewgong family. These guys are
yet another family that very few people play with. They are great
fighters...well, Dewgong is anyway. Now, the water is okay, so let's move
onto the psychic side of the deck. This side is going to be relatively
small; take out the two Jynx for another Abra and Kadabra. Take out the
Mewtwo and save the space for the Trainers.
Okay, we have a lot of cards that can be exchanged for better cards here.
First, use the space from before to add a third Bill. Now, take out the
Potion for another Bill and two Professor Oak. These cards will help you get
the cards you need a lot faster. Now, remove the Switch and Energy Retrieval
for another Oak and three Computer Search. Hmmm...everything else looks
good. Onto the Energy.
Take out four Water Energy for our Double Colorless Energy(DCE). Both
Wartortle and Dewgong can use them, and it'll help with retreating if all
else fails. The rest of the Energy is fine as-is.
Hmmm...you know, this was a very refreshing fix. We've all gotten so caught
up in the expansions and their cards that it's kind of cool to fix a deck
using cards like Dewgong. Brings me back to when the game had just come out
over here.*snif* Those were the days....

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for now. I think I just heard a howl followed by a
Hydro Pump. I'd better check on Arcanine before things get outta hand. Good
Luck and Happy Gaming, everyone!!