*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Blastoise is waiting for you. Go on in to the back room.
BLASTOISE:[Hello again. It's Blastoise, back with another fake code for you
viewing pleasure...if you haven't read Satoshi's update this week, do it.
You'll see there is a lead up to this week's Code Corner. Anyway, the letter
was recieved as follows(I edited a bit due to content):
Dear Mr Negative
I have captured Mew, and if you reply to my letter politely,
I might just let you in on the secret.
I am not an Internet junkie, and am not spreading rumors! !!!!!!!!!
I am merely a twelve year old jenius with a huge i.q and ***** to match.
*name censored*
BLASTOISE:['Please reply to my e-mail so I can give you a fake code that
you've undoubtedly seen millions of times before' is what this e-mail
screams. Now, he starts by calling us names...there's a good way to get you
e-mail deleted. The fact that we have this semi-semi-regular column to keep
up is the only thing that kept me from deleting this message. Oh, and I
really enjoy how he goes on to call himself a genius, yet mispells the word.
That's is some true 'poetic justice' if I've ever seen any. And, by the way,
yes, you ARE spearding rumors. Anyone that says there is a way to catch Mew
without game enhancers/going to a Nintendo Mall Tour IS SPREADING RUMORS!!!
You know why? Because you CANNOT, repeat, CANNOT catch Mew in the game.
Thank you...and BTW, we will straight out NOT post any 'e-mail me back for
the code' messages anymore. This was the example. Got it? Good. Back to you,
SATOSHI: Thanks, Blastoise. Good Luck and Happy Gaming, everyone!!