SATOSHI: Grrrr...the bell's broken again, ain't it? Blastoise's fight with
Odariu last week left the place in shambles....I'm lucky there still IS a
Shop. Hmmph. Well, let's get to the deck.
Hey Satoshi! Here's a Raindance Deck I call, "Squirtle n' Company", please
help the best you can! Thanks!

Pokemon: 17
4x Squirtle
4x Blastoise
4x Articuno
2x Lapras
3x Chansey

Trainers: 19
4x Bill
3x Oak
3x Computer Search
4x Pokemon Breeder
3x Gust of Wind
2x Goop Gas Attack

Energy: 24
24 Water

Strategy: Of course, as with all Raindance decks, I try to get Blastoise
early, and either power him or Articuno up. Chansey is there for Stalling,
I don't get Blastoise out. As for the Lapras', they're for the Mimes.
However, I took out 2 Lapras' for 2 Goop Gas Attacks, but now I think that
was a bad move (lack of Basics, Raindance shutdown). So that's my deck,
Thanks Satoshi!
SATOSHI: Ah...Raindance....rocket enhanced, I see. Let's get to work.
I would switch out a Chansey for another Lapras. Everything else works.
Hmmm...this will work. This will work very nicely. I'll explain why I'm
keeping the Goops later.
The Energy should be between 20 and 25 in a Raindance deck. This one fits
the bill nicely.
'Why the Goops?' You're all saying. Well, here's why. Mr. Mime has always
been a problem for Raindance. When you're done 'dancing' for the turn, whip
out a Goop, followed by a Gust, and out goes Mr. Mime, care of Lapras or
Articuno. There are other reasons, but this is the most abundanatly used

SATOSHI: I gotta call the repair man...this place is in shambles...Good Luck
and Happy Gaming!