*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Hello, and welcome back to the Shop. A word of advice to anyone who
is planning to try to prove that there is a way to catch Mew...send me the
code in the orgiinal message. I will not respond to messeges that say "I
have Mew. E-mail me back to get the code." this is a dead giveaway that the
code is indeed fake. Instead, these letters will end up in Blastoise's Code
Corner...of course, so will the codes...but still, it looks better if you at
least give me a code too. Anyway, here's the deck.
This is my deck. It works very well in tournaments, since I go to them
all the time, but sometimes I just go on major losing streaks and I feel

I need some deck adjustments, but I do not know what to do.The object of

this deck is to copy the defending pokemon's best attack and then use it

on him, or build up to wigglytuff and destroy everything with do the
wave. The scythers help if I go against a fighting deck. Thanks!

17 Pokemon

3 Clefable
4 Clefairy
3 Wigglytuff
4 Jigglypuff
3 Scyther

27 Trainers

4 Plus Power
4 Super Energy Removal
4 Energy Removal
3 Super Potion
2 Scoop Up
3 Computer Search
4 Prof. Oak

16 Energy

4 Full Heal Energy
4 Potion Energy
4 Grass Energy
SATOSHI: You are fairly allergic to fighting, my friend. Scyther will helpa
little, but without fighting counters, this deck will only last so long.
Let's get to it.
Here's where we'll fix the fighting problem. Take out the four Grass Energy
and add in four Movie Promo Mewtwo. Since the rest of the deck does not need
any certain type of energy, make that 16 energy psychic energy. The rest of
the Pokemon look good.
Hmmm...remove the Super Potion. In its place, add three Bill. Now, remove a
Professor Oak and add in a fourth Bill, making the 'card-drawing family'
4-3. The rest of the trainers look good.
We fixed the energy along the way. Looks good.
Copying the opponent is a clever tactic..just be sure that it doesn't back
fire(i.e. you opponent's Pokemon has horrbile attacks)!

SATOSHI: Looks good for now! BTW, look for a new Blastoise's Code
Corner...yes, there was a reason to my Mew Code rant at the beginning of
this fix. Good Luck and Happy Gaming!