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SATOSHI: 'Yello, and welcome back to the shop. As you most likly know from
Archtypes: How To Beat Them-Part 6, I've decided to give that topic a rest.
Now, here's the next topic/column, Rules and Regs.!

This new section, replacing Archtypes: How To Beat Them for the time being,
will showcase the semi-confusing to confusing side of the Pokemon TCG. Every
other week or so, I'll give all of you a situation to work with.
You'll(hopefully) send your responses to Satoshi@pojo.com, and I'll post the
correct answer that I recieve that contains the most clarification and an
example and/or explanation of why the problem is correct/incorrect. This
means ONE answer per question will be posted; the one that explains the
problem the best. Of course, like always, if you have your own ideas for
Rules and Regs., send 'em my way. I can always use the help of fellow
pojo-holics in that department. Okay, here's the first Rules and Regs.!

You are playing in a local tournament's final round against your lifelong
rival...Bob. No, not Chimpmunk's Bob. A different Bob. Anyway, Bob is using
his newest deck, the 'CopyCat.' As of now, you are one prize away of winning
with your Wildfire variant, 'Boy, It's Hot In Here!' True to its name, Bob's
deck uses Pokemon like Clefairy/Fable and Ditto to use your own Pokemon
against you. Although you are ahead by three prizes and are about to
(hopefully) KO his last Pokemon, an energyless Clefairy with a Dive Bomb
from your only Pokemon, Moltres, Bob looks very confident. Now, let's listen
in on the game, shall we?

YOU: Okay, I'll use Dive Bomb on your Clefairy...<<you flip coin>>..darn.
Tails. Your Turn.

BOB: Okay..<<draws card>>...yes!! I'll attach an energy to Clefairy and
evolve to Clefable. Now, I'll use Metronome and copy Wildfire. Since it says
that I disregard all discarding of energy to use an attack, I'll Wildfire
your deck away for the win!! YAAHHHOOO!! I win! I win!

YOU: Don't get too excited Bob. And stop doing your happy and get off the
table. You didn't win.

BOB: Waddya mean? I won by Metronoming your Moltres's Wildfire and burning
your deck away!! I did TO win!!

YOU: No, you didn't. Let me explain....

How will you explain to Bob that he did not win?

SATOSHI: Best of luck on the first Rules and Regs.! Good Luck and Happy
Gaming, everyone!!