*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Before I begin dissecting Wildfire, I'd like to say thanks to Rainy
and the others who corrected me on my Mr. Mime+Defender mistake. I must've
had tooo much soda that day...stuff goes to my head like you wouldn't
believe...anywho, thanks guys. And now...WILDFIRE!!

-Well...Moltres buring away your deck pretty much sums up Wildfire.
Solutions: Hmmm...SER, ER, and, if you must, Poliwhirl.
-The Wildfire variants I've played all had Dodrios to lower retreat costs,
so they wouldn't need to discard much-needed energy(for retreating, anyway).
Solutions: Electric Pokemon and Gust of Wind.

-They need energy to survive...no energy, no Wildfire.
Solutions: SER, ER
-Moltres is a must...no Moltres, no Wildfire
Solutions: Haymker-type hard hitting Pokemon

-...Well, duh. =D Moltres!!
-Fire Energy

-Not really...

SATOSHI: Okay, here I go....

'Wildfire Pulverizer'

12 Grass Energy

4 Scyther
4 Grimer
3 Dark Muk
2 Muk
4 Farftech'd

4 Gambler
4 Nightly Garbage Run
4 Gust Of Wind
4 PlusPower
3 Itemfinder
4 Energy Removal
4 Super Energy Removal

Hmmm...that should do it. Let me explain a bit. We have the grass families
in here for many reasons: one would be to totally detroy Moltres, thanks to
a hopeful 70 damage second turn with Swords Dance + Slash + PlusPower. The
Dark Muk and the Muk are here to nullify the effects of Dodrio and for
poison, a very annoying status effect. We've got NGRs and Gamblers for
anti-decking help, and the Energy Removals and Super Energy Removals to take
away their fire energy before they get a chance to use it, and the
Itemfinders will further this strategy.
Well, this concludes Archtypes: How To Beat Them. In the future, I hope the
Anit-Archtype players out there(the ones that were complaining in the first
place, not all Anti-Archtype players were)will take this advice into
consideration or better: Metagame themselves. Find out what is popular
'round your area. It's not that hard. Besides, where would the challenge be
in the Pokemon TCG if their weren't a few dominant decks for people to beat?
Think of it as a challenge, not a problem.

SATOSHI: Yeah, I'm giving this a rest for now...but, like the Twisted
Challenges, there's always something to take the place of a closed topic!
Archtypes: How To Beat Them is closed for now, but feel free to e-mail me a
t Satoshi@pojo.com for the usual deck help AND archtype beating advice.
After all, that's what I'm here for, ain't it? But wait...if this topic is
closed, what's the NEW topic going to be? Heh...tune in next time, ladies
and gents! Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!