*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Okay!! Story Fix time!!!
"Okay...midnight. We go in on my mark. Got it?" Satoshi turned to face his
team members.
Blastoise nodded, and with a flex of his arms, armed the large water cannons
on his back. Arcanine's eyes began to glow reddish-yellow, a sign that he
was powering up for an intensely powerful Flamethrower.
Satoshi made sure that the other members of his team-Electabuzz, Vileplume,
Dugtrio, and Pidgeot-were in place, and he gave the signal to begin the
Electabuzz, stationed near the generator of TR headquarters, began to go to
work. With a grunt and flash, he had disabled and overloaded the power
generator, sending the sinister base into darkness.
Vileplume began spreading Sleep Powder, disabling the perimiter guards.
Dugtrio took care of the escape route via an underground tunnel, while
Pidgeot waited patiently for his part in this dangerous game.
"Okay guys...LET'S GO!!!" Satoshi barrelled through anbd out of Dugtrio's
underground tunnel, and found himself inside the main hallway of the TR
base. With a grunt and a yelp, Arcanine and Blastoise found their way out of
the tunnel, and anxiously awaited their master's orders.
Unfortunately, Satoshi didn't have time to give any. Before he set foot in
the control room, the midnight guards had surrounded him--he couldn't se
them, but Satoshi knew it was over when he heard the distant click of
automatice machine guns being loaded. "Freeze. Or you're as good as dead." A
sinister voice grumbled.
'It's over...' Satoshi thought. As he turned to face his doom, his life as
a deck mech flashed before his eyes. For some reason, it stopped on this
Dear Satoshi,

     I am submitting this deck so that I may go to a tournament in the
future(since there are none where I live). If not, I hope someone will see
this deck and take it to a tournament and play it so that I have the
satisfaction of my deck going to a tournament.  So, here is my deck.

Name: Hay Storm

Cards: Pokemon (15)
                   4 Oddish (Jungle)
                   4 Dark Vileploom (Team Rocket)
                   4 Scyther
                   3 Pinsir

            Trainers (25)
                   4 Pokemon Breeders
                   4 Goop Gas Attack
                   4 Lass
                   4 Rocket's Sneak Attack
                   4 The Boss's Way
                   3 Item Finders
                   2 Switch

             Energy (20)
                   20 Grass Energy

Strategy: Use The Boss's Way and Pokemon Breeders to quickly pull the Dark
Vileplumes out and use its Power (Hay Fever) with Lass and Rocket's Sneak
Attack to prevent opponents from using trainers and forcing them to discard
their precious Professor Oaks, Bills, etc.(Enter maniacal laughter here).

Back-up: Use Goop Gas Attack to get around other pokemon powers, use Switch
to pull Dark Vileplume in and out (when confused), use Item Finder to pull
key trainers(Lass, Rocket's Sneak Attack, and Switch) and use Scyther and
Pinsir to wreck general havoc.

Problems: 1. Using my trainers when Dark Vileplume isn't confused(since if
it becomes confused AFTER it attacks, the opponent will be able to play
his/her trainers).

                  2. Because of the deck's theme, there is a shortage of
energy and Switches.

                  3. Like real hay, this deck's "bodygaurds"(Scyther and
Pinsir) can and will get roasted like chicken at your Uncle Bob's Annual
Bar-B-Q Cook Off by Fire decks.

                  4. Slim chances to heal Dark Vileplume after it becomes
confused(see above for status on Switches).

Here is my deck. It needs a little work but then again, that's why I'm
sending it to you. Thank you for your help and keep up the good work!
Satoshi also remembered the advice he'd given the owner of this deck....

'The Pokemon look good. You may want to splash in some water, in the form
of TR Squirtle. Of course, you could just get your hands on the non-holo
version of Vileplume. Since WotC won't correct this, they're a great help
against fire. I'll leave it up to you on which you want to do; Squirtle or
non holo Vileplume.'

'The Trainers are confusing me a bit. Remember, you cannot use Goop Gas
attack, as there will be no more trainers played once D. Vileplume is out.
Take them out. Put in four Bill. These guys can help a lot unil D. Vileplume
comes out. Everything else is looking good.'

'The enrgy could use a bit of remodeling. Take out four Grass Energy for
four DCE. These will help power up Scyther, Pinsir and, if you use him, TR

'Everything else looks good. Good Luck and Happy Gaming!'

Satoshi blinked, and instantly returned to reality. He wished he hadn't.
The TR agents were still surrounding him, guns drawn. What could he do?
Nothing, that's what.
Suddenly, the wall behind him erupted into a burst of flames. The TR agents
scrambled to avoid the debris that was flying through the air. Satoshi,
Blastoise, and Arcanine dropped to the floor, but looked up just in time to
see who had blown the wall in--
"A Vulpix??!" Satoshi mumbled. He got up, and went to investigate. Yep. It
was who he thought it was.
"Vulpix!! Vul! Vul! Vulpix!!" The Vulpix stared at Satoshi, and then jerked
its head toward the hole where the wall had been.
Arcanine translated.
"You say Vulpix said 'Let's move. They'll be coming back?' Okay, I'm with
you. Hold on a sec." Satoshi ran into the control room, and found what he
had come for in the first place--a box of Team Rocket booster packs, stolen
from his shop a few nights ago. With the cargo in hand, he ran to join
Vulpix and his pokemon, who were already out of the building....
Satoshi stood outside the wall/hole, a looked down at Vulpix with
gratitude. "Thanks, Vulpix. And tell Spike I say 'hi.'"
Vulpix nodded, and dug its own escape route.
Once Vulpix was gone, Satoshi gathered Electabuzz, Vilplume, Dugtrio,
Blastoise and Arcanine into their pokeballs, and whistled for Pidgeot, who
swooped down, and, in one fluid motion, picked Satoshi up in its talons and
flew up and over the fence.
They left the base, the TR agents still wondering what had happened....
===THE END===
SATOSHI: Ta Da!! You like? Drop me line at Satoshi@pojo.com and tell me what
you think!! Good Luck and Happy Gaming, everyone!!