*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Hello, and welcome back to the--

<distant voice>: Who's that crazy deck mech?
     He's one baaaadd trainer.
     Shut your mouth!!
     Just talkin' 'bout Satoshi
     Then we can dig it!!

SATOSHI: ...A question. Who here can guess what movie my stock boy just got
back from? And if ONE person says 'Chicken Run'....
Pokémon x20

Hitmonchan x3
Kangaskahn x2
Electabuzz x3
Jigglypuff x2
Wigglytuff x1
Hitmonlee  x2
Scyther    x2
Ditto      x2
Chansey    x1
Aerodactyl x2

Trainers x18

GOW x4
Bill x2
ER x2
Pokéball x3
Switch x2
CPU Search x1
Plus Power x1
Pkmn Trader x1
Myst. Fossil x2

Energy x22

DCE x3
Electric x8
Fighting x11

Strategy: Get Aerodactyl out to shut down evolutions and pound the enemy
with beefy basic pokémon
<distant voice>: He's a complicated man...

SATOSHI: Shut UP!! Now, let's get to work.
Let's take a few Pokemon out of the deck entirely. I've noticed that it's
easier to play a deck if it only has three or four different pokemon in
it(multiples, of course); sometimes five if there are colorless or one
energy attackers involved. Remove the Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff, and
Hitmonlee(Hitmonlee is a bit to energy intensive, and there shouldn't be any
evolutions in a deck w/ Areodactyl) and add in another Scyther, two more
Chansey, and another Areodactyl.
With the last space from before, add in another Mysterious Fossil. The
Pokeball leave for three more Computer Search, the Switch leave for two more
Bill, and the Pokemon Trader, PlusPower, and one Gust Of Wind leave for
three Oak. Things are looking up.
The Energy looks good. I would only suggest taking out an Electric energy
for another DCE. That's about it.
Areodactyl has certainly shown its power, with being an evolution stopped
AND a splashable fighting type. If only he had to more hp...can anyone here
say "Scyther?" ;)

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for now. If you'll excuse me, I need to make
'Shaft Man' over there shut up--permanately. Where'd I put my duct tape...?
Better yet, where's that staple gun? Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!