*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: And here I am! Today, I brought with me the verdict for R&R #3!!
Let's read!!
Me: Bob, if you keep up this tomfoolery, nobody will play with you any more.
Paralysis is fairly simple. *Digs out his handy rulebook, which he always
brings for just such an occasion.* As stated in the rulebook (all versions)
"If a Pokémon is paralyzed, it can't attack or retreat... If an Active
Pokémon is paralyzed, it recovers after its player's next turn." Then our
good friend the Professor explains this further. "...What this means is that
if your Pokémon gets paralyzed, it will be out of action on your next turn,
and then it will be okay again." You silly boy. A Mr. Mime that isn't
paralyzed or asleep or confused has a special power that blocks all attacks
that do over 20 damage. But a Mr. Mime that is poisoned is as good as dead.
However, we're not concerned with that aspect right now, are we? Since
invisible wall is stated "Whenever..." it is a reactionary Pokémon power. I
do not have to declare it, declares itself whenever an attack does 30 or
more damage to Mr. Mime. Mr. Mime lives to fight another day! Ok, so, Go
ahead and flip your coin for Thunder Punch, I want to see if my next attack
merely knocks out your 'Buzz or if it completely obliterates it.

Bob: The game is much more fun when you play it my way

Me: Yeah, ignorance is bliss, just flip it.

Bob flips his coin and it lands tails.

Me: Ok then. I'll use Meditate which does 10 damage, plus 10 more damage for
each 10 damage on Electabuzz. Ok, that's 50 damage, and 'Buzz already had 40
damage which means the Electric Pokémon has 90 damage on it, which means it
has -20 hit points remaining. Suffice it to say, he's outta here. Now I take
a prize, but since you're all out of Pokémon I win!
Bob: Wanna play again?
Me: Umm, no. I'd rather go over there and bang my head against the wall.
Don't take that personally. Perhaps your time would be better spent reading
the rulebook.
SATOSHI: Bravo!! Great Job, Palpy!! Okay, here's how it all ends....
YOU: I win...AGAIN.

BOB: Yeah, yeah...<walks away>

<The Next Day...At The PTQ...>

Announcer:<to you> Your next battle...is against Bob!! Good Luck!!

YOU: D'oh!! Aw, well...another quick game.

Narrator: And so it begins...another battle against the rule-less Bob. He's
using his CopyCat V.2, and you're using the Raindance Satoshi helped you
with. Let's listen in...it's Clefable(BOB) against TR Magikarp(YOU) the karp
is at full health, but Clefable, with three water energy on it, is damaged
via two Shell Attacks from your TR Squirtle, now KO'd. Magikarp has one W
energy on it, and neither of you have any benched pokes. Let's listen in...

YOU: Hrrmm..where are you, Blastoise? I'll attach another water energy to TR
Magikarp. I guess it's flop for me. 10 damage.

BOB: Heh...I'll use metronome, and use Rapid Evolution....search for a
Gyarados...and evolve Clefable!! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm gonna win! I'm
gonna win!!

ME: BOB, ypu moron....you can't do that!!

SATOSHI: Have fun with the new R&R!! Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!